Hunt’s Lane Construction x 2

The gutting of a carriage house on Hunt’s Lane finally seemed to be making some progress a few weeks ago. Then it was discovered there were severe pipe issues. As of last Sunday residents started seeing a construction crew from the city.

Initial breaking ground took place March 23rd with jackhammering lasting over six hours and some surrounding residents felt vibrating, an extended earthquake sensation. Now residents are noticing more and more supplies as Henry Street between Remsen and Joralemon has become open storage for port-a-potties, idling machinery and city workers’ cars occupying the coveted parking spaces.

Workers are not forthcoming with the duration of the project or the purpose of the motorized machinery that started at 6:45 am on Saturday and 6:50 am on Sunday. Posted signs say the ‘road work’ is taking place from 6am-4pm Monday through Friday.  Local police reported noise complaints. Anyone else trying to live the underemployment dream working from home, good luck to you on Hunt’s Lane! Starbuck’s has wi-fi.

UPDATE: I revisited the site this morning after reading all the comments. It shows you what happens when you talk to one person vs. another and their comprehension of the situation. The source of the leak has been found, although they cannot find a good piece of pipe so they can repair it. The dig is now moving towards Henry Street and it may actually go into Henry Street.

Last night passing by at 11pm I heard a resident of 100 Remsen cry out “Turn it off” in regards to the pump. There were two locals checking out the pump. As ‘MOM’ commented below, the road crew confirmed flooding will occur if they turn off that pump. They are aware of the noise complaints and doing their best to wrap this up but as the pipes are over 100 years old, it’s necessary. Work should last another two to three weeks.

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  • Mike

    I live at 100 Remsen St. and construction is going well into the later hours of the night – typically until 9pm the last four nights. The noise is ridiculous, causing me to call 311 to report it. Apparently I’m not hte only one. The 311 operator told me that I was one of many who had filed complaints.

    I’m sympathetic to their need to do the work quickly, but hearing ear-shattering pumps at 9pm at night gets under the skin. I hope they keep to more regular hours from now on.

  • Mom

    I walked by today and spoke to the forman of the city crew, he was actually pretty friendly. He told me it is an emergency situation, that there is a collapsed section in the city sewage line and they are trying to find the end of it. It appears that it is in the section between the first carriage house and Henry street but they still haven’t found the end of it. It is not related to the other carriage house construction, just coincidence. Most of the noise at night is the emergency pumping and if they didnt do that, sewage would be backing up into homes/apartments. Hopefully they’ll get it wrapped up quickly.