Kid Squadron on State Budget

As state lawmakers haggle over budget issues, our man in the State Senate, Daniel “Kid” Squadron, took to the floor to make his case.

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  • Publius


    Not that I’m telling you how to handle editorial policy on your blog, but how about running an online poll to see if it’s time to retire the “Kid” nickname now that Senator Squadron is our rep in Albany.

    With Albany as dyfunctional as it is, perhaps calling him Kid Squadron makes it harder for our new pol rather than calling him Senator Squadron? What does everyone else think?

  • Homer Fink

    I promise to retire the nickname at his 40th birthday party.

  • anon

    What is Homer’s age? Is it the policy to call all electeds younger than Homer “Kid,” or just Squadron? There are many NYC electeds under the age of 40, but none other are called “Kid.” It is a cute name, but Publius has a point.

    By the way, interesting choice of the age of 40. Under federal law, 40 is considered “old” under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act.

    Under NJ state law, there is no age minimum and a 29 year old successfully sued his employer who terminated him because he looked too young (I can’t quickly find the cite).

    For popular press reaction regarding age, see

  • The Where

    Enough with this dumb thread.

  • mike

    So let me get this straight. Senator Squadron is proud of this budget? He is proud of a series of closed door meetings that culminated in a budget that was $10 billion bigger than last year during a horrible recession? He is proud of the $170 mm of pet projects including, to quote the NY Times, “grants to gun clubs, an upstate museum dedicated to bricks and brick-making, the Soccer Hall of Fame in Oneonta and an organization known as the Urban Yoga Foundation?”

    I mean, I understand that we now have “the messiah” in the White House and there is a lot of people on Wall St to focus on yelling at, but have we all given up any regard for our own well being? Do we just not care any longer about the dysfunctional nature of this state’s government? The clowns in Albany are PROUD that they can waste our money and STILL have not come up with a workable fix for the MTA.

    Who cares about a Museum of Brick-making? We are firing teachers, cutting health care, but thats ok, because all of us can now take the trip upstate and learn about different types of bricks. I guess that is useful because the way the country is going, bricklaying will probably be one of the better paying jobs in the future.

    Get mad people, be enraged, send our reps letters. This should not be ignored just because Albany is dysfunctional. This is NOT normal. The inmates are running the asylum.

  • BklynLifer

    Mike – I agree with your point. I think people ARE angry, but thanks to the crooks in Albany, it is very difficult to get our government to do what it should do.

    Senator Squadron is NOT proud of the budget. He is proud of the pieces of the budget that HE worked hard to include — very worthy programs that don’t have a fancy lobbyist pushing them.

    We need more legislators like Sen. Squadron in Albany — he’s there doing the people’s business.

  • jay

    it’s always easy to spot an unreasonable/irrational thinker by their usage of the term “messiah” to refer to our president or their making of references WWII/nazi germany.

    keep doing it, you make my life easier in filtering out the crazy people.

  • mike

    jay, actually, I am a quite rational thinker. My reference to the messiah is a reference to how the media and most Brooklyn residents seem to think of our President, I don’t actually think he is the messiah.

    I think that you are more likely to identify so-called “unreasonable/irrational” thinkers by people who find comparisons to WWII/Nazi Germany in comments that don’t refer to that in any way.

    Name calling is childish and is not a rational response to my comment.

  • anon

    If name calling is childish, how’s about we stop calling Squadron by the name “Kid”. Ok Homie?

  • davoyager

    What ever happened to freedom of the press? He’s the new kid on the block, 9 weeks from now he won’t be the new kid on the block. Give the writer a break. It was a term of endearment.

    Personally I have concerns about this new kid. I understand he has eyes on the rights of property owners for a target of his populist movement. Seems a little too much like Trotsky to me.