Brooklyn Heights is This Guy’s Happy Place

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Just thought it would be nice to share this “web video” with you.

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  • AEB

    “Nothing’s really changed….”

    …except for this eensy weensy, bitsy financial downturn that’s affected, oh, 100% of the population…..

  • joseuribe

    why post this? who wants to see a promotional video of some lame motivational speaker. the guy seems like an idiot.

  • Topham BeauclerK

    Another American snake-oil salesman.

  • Claude Scales

    Actually, I thought he was warming up for a pitch to sell the bridge to his left.

  • lifer

    or a chamwow

  • AEB

    (And what, pray tell, is a chamwow? A small wooly dog?)

  • lifer

    you asked for it AEB, you must promise to watch the whole thing

  • AEB

    I watched, Lifer. And. Words. Fail.

    Please tell me this wasn’t filmed on Earth.


  • lifer

    and if that wasnt enough (sorry trying not to derail this thread) his other product

  • AEB

    Lifer, Vince, in the clip via the link just above:

    “….you’re gonna love my nuts….”


  • lifer

    isnt that hilarious?, unmistakenly on purpose..I refuse to continue this by putting the link on here, but google “vince, shamwow, smoking gun” and read about his latest arrest. I dont know why I am mildly obsessed by this guy..

  • AEB

    It’s the useless headset, lifer. And his intensity, with its edge of defiant resentment. And the demi- hip-hop gesticulations. And da accent.

    All in service of products that are–not to put too fine a point on it–deep drek. I mean, think of how many times you’d have to fill the “hopper” of the chopper (sorry!) to get an adult portion. But of course, it would have self-destructed before the third refill.

    It’s all really campy: awful and wonderful.

    This help?

  • AEB

    Oh! And the unintentional goofiness. Like when he throws the uncleanable chopper over his shoulder and IT LANDS PERFECTLY IN THE SINK!

    And the nutty aphorisms” like: “Stop having a (!) boring tuna, stop having a boring life!”

    And the animated “glints” that have been added to “enhance” the chopper’s blades.

    Ooops. I’m hooked too.

  • AEB

    …and the way it’s all couched in “uplift,” see tuna remark above.

    OK, I’ll stop now. Promise.

  • lifer

    but to get back to where it began, the guy above reminded me of him.. shamWOW