Meat is Neat at Clark Street


Meet Adam Orhan, owner of the “meat cart,” outside the entrance to the Clark Street subway station. Adam sells chicken and lamb preparations, and also has a variety of sandwiches, donuts, and bagels, as well as coffee. His specialty is a chicken and lamb combo over rice, which costs $5.

For two years Mr. Orhan sold fruits and vegetables at the same location. Brooklyn Heights proved to be a profitable area so he decided to expand his business by adding a cart that could provide meals that put his cooking skills to use. After two months, he is only making about one quarter of the revenue that he made from the fruit and vegetable business; however, he likes the location and has developed a following among the students living in the St. George. He paid $5,000 for a two year City permit to operate his cart

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  • Ceremi

    The guys who work there are really nice. Be sure to talk with them.

  • Publius

    Wow, a two year permit for $5k. Sure beats brick and mortar rent.

    I hope they are also collecting/paying sales tax.

    I wonder how the falaffel guys next to Fascati feel about their mobile competition? I bet the falaffel guys are paying $5k a month for their shop.

  • heightsresident

    Regarding this cart, i actually eat often from carts throughout the city and the northeast US because of the nature of my work requiring me to travel, this is the only cart which i became sick from on three separate occasions, although the food tastes ok, there is something either unclean or whatever wrong they are doing because i know for a fact i was sick from this cart’s food, plus the stench in the morning when they set-up is awful !!

    I am not trying to bad-mouth them just putting the heads up

  • hoppy

    Wow…You’d think after getting sick TWICE from a particular cart, you wouldn’t go back there a third time (?)

  • heightsresident

    i wanted to be sure that it was the cart

  • Nelson

    Very good point publius….most people don’t ever consider that small business have a hell of a lot more expenses renting a store front…I never understood the city allowing sidewalk vendors in the first place, unless it was in an area that had no public eating facilities. $5.00….not bad and cash and carry as well….mighty hard to track those taxes!

  • Eason

    Would you mind if I suggested “you” don’t pay all of your taxes?

  • ppp

    Has anyone else been sick from this cart?

  • David on Middagh

    I haven’t tried that cart. In the past, I have been sick from my own cooking, from a restaurant salad, from a Christmas party buffet, and from cheap deli meat — but never a cart. I’m not afraid!

  • bornhere

    Figuring out how/when one gets food poisoning is really tricky. Depending on the offending organism, food poisoning can take days to announce its symptoms. So — if you eat street meat tonight and become ill tomorrow, the problem may have been caused by the elegant spinach salad you ate 3 days ago. Luck of the draw, y’all.