Artist Emily Krohn Brings Spring To Montague Street

Artist Emily Krohn, a 2008 graduate from Pratt, was looking for an artistic showcase over the winter. She convinced her employers at The Heights Cafe to let her use their windows as her canvas. Her work there caught the eye of Chelsea Mauldin, the Executive Director of Montague Street Business Improvement District.

“Chelsea came in and commissioned me to decorate local stores with one united theme,” Emily told me as she surveyed her work at Housing Works. “The James Weir Florist was the best place to start because there is so much in there to inspire me.”

Emily’s work will be seen in fifteen store windows along Montague Street. The artwork takes between one and two hours to complete. She has “spring” as a unifying theme. The paint can be easily removed with Windex. Enjoy her work right now at Korres, Montague Arts, Hair Profiles, Caffe Buon Gusto, James Weir Florist, and Housing Works. Emily is can be contacted for commissions at

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