Bloomberg: Federal Stimulus $$ to Fund Bridge Renovation

According to today’s Brooklyn Paper:

With $261 million of federal transportation funding from the so-called “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” headed to New York City, Hizzoner said on Monday that he would use the cash to complete major shovel-ready projects including long-planned renovations of the Brooklyn Bridge — while redeploying the city money that had been allotted for the jobs to other infrastructure projects.

Other Brooklyn projects that the Mayor said will benefit include the improvement of the Flatbush Avenue streetscape between Tillary Street and Hanson Place, and reconstruction of the Coney Island Boardwalk.

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  • Curmudgeon

    Perhaps there will be enough stimulus money to paint larger “dismount” signs so that speeding bike riders to see and obey!

  • Adam

    Mustn’t this story come with some obligatory anti-Bloomberg diatribe? I’m shocked this blog’s editor allowed a story to feature the mayor with no negative spin.

  • David

    Renovations? Please . . .

    Can’t we build a *new* bridge that runs over Montague St. to avoid all the bad restaurants and vacancy signs?