Will Marty Bully Kid Off the Ballot?

An interesting tidbit in this week's Brooklyn Paper regarding Democratic challenger Daniel Squadron's bid to win his party's nomination for the 25th District State Senate seat held for three decades by incumbent Marty Connor. In mentioning that Squadron, who Marty has called "a kid" in interviews,  has received the backing of the Working Families Party the paper says:

Brooklyn Paper: Insurgent state Senate candidate Daniel Squadron, running to unseat longtime incumbent Marty Connor this fall, scored the Working Families Party endorsement. That’s nice, but he’ll need a squadron of lawyers to get on the ballot, if election law expert Connor holds to his usual form.

Does this mean that B'Paper knows something and that Marty will be looking to litigate (aka weasel) his way to the nomination in lieu of participating in a healthy and democratic process? Marty is that any way to prove you're still relevant after more than a generation in office?

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  • nicky215

    Marty has been irrevelant fo ryears and years. He was irrelevant about fifteen minutes after he won office through a political manipulation. He won the nomination assuring his election in a special primary after Carol Bellamy resigned.
    The only thing he has been revelant for is his pocketbook and placing his wife in a legal secretarys job. He is a pictureboy for what is wrong in Albany. Time for new blood. Long overdue!

  • jw

    if Marty votes against congestion pricing we should vote him out for good!

  • Spitzer? I hardly even know her!

    If he got the Working Families’ endorsement, how is he not on the ballot? Does WF have primaries? Does Marty mean there’d be trouble to get on the ballot as a Democrat? Or the Liberal Party?

    Every candidate needs an election lawyer, but usually not a litigator, which is what BP seems to imply.

  • T.K. Small

    It is not completely fair to blame Martin Connor. Largely the electorate is politically illiterate. Most people do not know who their elected officials are and never demand anything of them. While I think that it is healthy for the system to have competition, if people do not care enough to be informed and vote, what can we expect.

    T.K. Small

  • http://deleted bh

    good to get connor out. he lost in brownstone brooklyn the last time around, too.
    time to get some fresh blood in there. turn bad stuff around that connor foisted on the borough – like the fool’s mission of brooklyn bridge condo park and the atlantic yards mess. go get ’em squadron!