This Just In: Checkers Moving Into Busy Chef’s Court


Local blog Flappy Days reports that the Checkers burger chain will be moving into the former Busy Chef Space at 111 Court Street:

Flappy Days: As I was walking to work this morning, the door was open and two men were looking over plans, so I asked them what was coming in. Ladies and gentlemen, your new neighbor is:

Checker’s Restaurant

They also mentioned they’d be serving vegan burgers, although I don’t see those listed on the corporate site.

The Busy Chef Empire crumbled last summer over allegations of credit card fraud and identity theft.   Last month, the store and its affiliates were evicted from their Henry Street location.

BHB is currently seeking confirmation on this story.

Update: Jim Nellis at Checkers tells BHB via email:

Yes, I’m pleased to confirm a Checker’s Restaurant is scheduled to open at this location. Current plans call for a June opening and more details will be available as we get closer to the opening. Looking forward to becoming a part of the Brooklyn Heights community. Thanks for your interest.

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  • Publius

    Great, just what Court Street needs, another crappy burger chain.

  • Claude Scales

    Pity. I was rooting for something of local origin.

  • yo

    can’t wait to use the drive thru!!!

  • Matt

    Please tell me this is a joke.

  • Matt

    Maybe the construction workers were having a laugh?

  • HDEB

    And the blue pig space is going to be a Wal-Mart Supercenter.

  • bornhere

    gte – I second your Great Wall endorsement. Looks, 0; Taste, 9.

  • EAC

    UGH, gross! This has to be a joke. What a waste of space! I’d rather get yet another expensive yogurt place.

  • In the Heights

    Is Great Wall really good? We are dying for good Chinese in the Heights and have never tried it because it really looks bad, but we are over Andy’s. Too goopy and gross.

  • Adam


  • Peter

    Great Wall is indeed solid … I thought it was my little neighborhood secret, but I guess the word is out. Everything about the Great Wall is AWFUL except the food, which is very good for the price. The owners are rude, the place is a dive, but the food rarely disappoints.

  • Bee Heights

    Are you all serious about Great Wall? I was over Andy’s so I went to Lychee Nut then I burnt out on Lychee so I went to Fortune House. It’s been pretty solid. My wife and I joke about Great Wall all the time. Tell me what the good things are at Great Wall? I am dying for some thing good in the hood!!

  • Matt

    Enough with the Great Wall, already. There is not nearly sufficient outrage here about Checkers coming in to further blight our neighborhood!!!!

  • AEB

    Yes, please, Peter, what should one have from GW?

    I’m a Fortune House habitué–if one orders carefully, the food one gets rates a B. On good days. Which is better than no Chinese at all, especially after a long workday when one doesn’t care to cook.

  • Bee Heights

    No offense Matt but nobody from BH really goes to Court Street unless forced by gunpoint so I care more about Great Wall. They can put whatever they want on Court Street it’s awash with crap anyway!

  • nabeguy

    Try ordering the Sweet and Sour Chicken combo from GW and then order it from FH. FH serves a gelatinous mess, while GW deep fries the breaded chicken to puffy perfection and keeps the pinapple dipping sauce separate. Also, the jumbo fried shrimp at GW are great, again, crispy not greasy, Oh, and the dumplings with the ginger/soy sauce are tops. Yeah, the owners at GW are akin to the soup nazi (moo-shu Mongolians?), so don’t go there for atmosphere.

  • AEB

    Thanks, nabe, for your recommendations. Will definitely try them…

  • Anonmyous

    Whats happening at the Henry Street location? I saw workers there the other day.

  • anon

    The Chinese restaurant on Pacific and Court is far better than Great Wall IMO. We used to go to both but now it is almost exclusively the place across the street from Trader Joe’s!

  • nabeguy

    Pacific & Court? IMLAO (in my lazy ass opinion), too far to go for us North Enders. Do they deliver?

  • jiker

    ewwwww yuck! just what we need another disgusting fast food franchise.

  • GWfan

    Let’s not get too carried away about Great Wall, but yes, it’s easily the best Chinese food in Brooklyn. Which isn’t saying that much. It’s probably a stupid rumor, but the Times is apparently doing a feature on the place. One of those “Who Knew?” stories.

  • Erin

    Well if the rumor about Checkers having a veggie burger is true, that would immediately put them ahead of Five Guys in my book!

  • Alan

    hmm… I’ve never had anything great from Great Wall, but maybe I need to order different things. For General Tsos, I think fortune house is the best. Fortune House also has the best fried rice of anyplace in the area.

  • Ari

    I concur with everyone about Great Wall. As a south end resident I thought I was doomed to Andy’s and Lichee Nut, and after four years of living here, I discovered Great Wall.

    Man that place looks scary, but the food is damn good. Aside from Ollie’s in Manhattan this place has GREAT Chinese food in NYC.

    And to solve Court Street’s problems, it’s rather simple: close the movie theater. You close that place, the riff raff disappears and the area will be retaken by the locals.

  • Monty

    Anyone here ever eaten at a Checkers? Any good? I’m not too snobbish to eat fast food, but only if it’s good.

  • yo

    wish it was whataburger

  • Sam

    People are getting a little carried away…I think we need to temper the enthusiasm regarding Great Wall. That being said, it is by far the best restaurant in New York City.

  • .

    Checkers isn’t THAT bad but it’ll make you sick

  • PJL

    Checkers, if I remember correctly, is better than most fast-food burgers I’ve had….

    Court Street businesses seem to survive predominantly on the lunch-time crowd from the courts, offices, etc…. hence the glut of fast-food. Can’t blame the movie theater for the lack of good food, though I’m sure it doesn’t help….

    Fortune House food is somehow less greasy than most Chinese food I’ve had, which makes it less regrettable. Great Wall isn’t bad–much better than it looks.