This Just In: Checkers Moving Into Busy Chef’s Court


Local blog Flappy Days reports that the Checkers burger chain will be moving into the former Busy Chef Space at 111 Court Street:

Flappy Days: As I was walking to work this morning, the door was open and two men were looking over plans, so I asked them what was coming in. Ladies and gentlemen, your new neighbor is:

Checker’s Restaurant

They also mentioned they’d be serving vegan burgers, although I don’t see those listed on the corporate site.

The Busy Chef Empire crumbled last summer over allegations of credit card fraud and identity theft.   Last month, the store and its affiliates were evicted from their Henry Street location.

BHB is currently seeking confirmation on this story.

Update: Jim Nellis at Checkers tells BHB via email:

Yes, I’m pleased to confirm a Checker’s Restaurant is scheduled to open at this location. Current plans call for a June opening and more details will be available as we get closer to the opening. Looking forward to becoming a part of the Brooklyn Heights community. Thanks for your interest.

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  • Eddy

    Great Wall is the best Chinese food in B’klyn Heights… Better food, larger portions, lower prices and faster delivery than the competition…

    The burgers and fries at Checkers are not nearly as good as Five Guys….

  • nabeguy

    OK, having been one of the drivers of the Great Wall bandwagon, I now have to offer a major caveat…if the husband of the couple that runs the place is at the counter or answers the phone, don’t bother. While neither of them seems capable of social interaction beyond barking “whas yo order” the split second you enter the joint, the wife definitely displays her chops when it comes to the deep fryer. As for the husband, I’m left to wonder how you burn a dumpling, but he seems to relish in his ability to do it. Like the Great Wall itself, there are two sides to every situation.

  • Adam

    checkers is terrible. unless you think a fast food burger is good, of course. the meat is the lowest quality, and i know of two different checkers in northern nj that have closed at least once due to health code violations.

  • Monty

    @GWFan, did you know that Brooklyn has a Chinatown? It’s on 8th ave in Sunset Park. I actually ate some Great Wall after reading this thread and I think it was pretty good, best in the heights, but nothing fantastic.

  • nabeguy

    All I can say about Checkers is, thanks Abe. I hope your new rents will afford you some lasik surgery so you’ll be a bit less myopic in the future.

  • modsquad

    Anybody who rates Chinese restaurants by sweet and sour chicken is suspect in my book.

  • my2cents

    Wow. I really need to try Great Wall again. I had been a solid fortune house customer. Checkers? Why bother when 5 guys is so close and one of the best burgers in the city?

  • R

    I really wish Five Guys would do a veggie burger. When I go with folks I get their “veggie” (just toppings and cheese) and then run home to heat up a veggie patty to put inside the burger. The result is very yummy but I wish I didn’t have to make my own veg burger…

    I haven’t eaten in a Checkers since I was a kid, but I have some vague memories of liking their fries – I think they were like battered and seasoned. The adult in me who now likes fresh fries over frozen probably wouldn’t like them nearly as much. But yeah – I think this location is enough outside of true “heights” that it won’t tarnish the nabe like some worry. Give those kids from the theater somewhere else to hang so they won’t be bored enough to mug folks…or something.

    and lol@yo’s comment re the drive thru – I can’t recall ever seeing a Checkers that even had inside seating, nevermind one without a drive thru.

  • Jason Lam

    Checkers is awesome! 99cent spicy chicken sandwich! I wish for an In-N-Out and a Waffle House one day in NYC.

  • Jason Lam

    What is all this talk about this Great Wall being the best Chinese food in Brooklyn/NYC? This is fast food American Chinese, right? I looked on Menupages and someone is raving about the garlic sauce being homemade. Who uses commercial or even pre-made sauce? What are you guys talking about?