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Dating Brian Comes to Brooklyn Heights

Wisconsin’s Dating Brian (@datingbrian aka Brian Moore), who is doing a “social media experiment” backed by his employers ad agency BBH came to Brooklyn Heights recently with one of his crowd sourced 30 dates in 30 days.  They went to Noodle Pudding. Gothamist recently spent the time to explain this bit of contrived reality: Gothamist: Really, […]

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WSJ on Brooklyn Heights

The Wall Street Journal gives Brooklyn Heights the once over: Wall Street Journal: Brooklyn Heights was once home to large landowning families whose names now grace local streets (Hicks, Livingston and Pierrepont are just a few examples). The area became an early bedroom community after 1814, when Robert Fulton’s steam-propelled ferry gave commuters a quick […]

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Brooklyn Baseball Bike Tour Sunday (8/1)

From our pals at Gotham SideWalks – join in the fun on Sunday (8/1): Bike Brooklyn Baseball 100 years of baseball history in 10 miles and 3 hours! Whether you live in Brooklyn or not, most baseball fans know about the great Brooklyn Dodger teams of the 1950s. You’ve probably heard about Jackie Robinson and […]

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Show Your Avatar on BHB

With our new improvments, you can now show your avatar along with your comments on BHB via Gravatar.  Watch the video above to find our more or go here to get right to it.

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Karl Visits Junior’s 60 Cent Line

Our man Karl weighs in on the 60 cent cheesecake giveaway, celebrating Junior’s 60th birthday. Watch the clip and stop on by—hopefully the line will only be a block long!

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Junior’s 60 Cent Anniversary

The line is stretching around the block but no one’s complaining—that’s because Junior’s is celebrating its 60th anniversary by giving away slices of their famous cheesecake for only 60 cents. And those who order a meal get a slice on the house. TGIF!

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National Cold Storage: Must Have Been a Wonder When it Was Brand New

Don’t know if the recently demolished National Cold Storage building on Furman Street is worthy of the preservationist fervor represented  by the quote from Elvis Costello’s Hoover Factory in our headline, but nevertheless it’s gone. Rejoice in its rebirth as benches and pavement stones in the outstanding new Brooklyn Bridge Park. As for inspiring artists, […]

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Crumbs Co-Founder Reveals Brooklyn Heights Opening Date

CRUMBS Co-Founder Jason Bauer answers our questions about the cupcake empire… especially when their Brooklyn Heights location at 109 Montague Street will open:

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Filming on Remsen Tomorrow

These placards are on both sides of the street on Remsen between Hicks and Montague Terrace. The time frame for the shoot is from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, July 30. “White Label” may mean this shoot is being done by aWhiteLabelproduct, a production company.

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Car Break-Ins on York St.

If you’re thinking about parking on York St. you might want to circle the block a couple more times, as reports that there have been “at least 6 or 7 reports of car windows smashed or items stolen from cars” in the past week. Stay tuned to see if this makes it into next […]

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