WSJ on Brooklyn Heights

The Wall Street Journal gives Brooklyn Heights the once over:

Wall Street Journal: Brooklyn Heights was once home to large landowning families whose names now grace local streets (Hicks, Livingston and Pierrepont are just a few examples). The area became an early bedroom community after 1814, when Robert Fulton’s steam-propelled ferry gave commuters a quick route across the East River to Manhattan.

Early residents of the neighborhood, which the Brooklyn Heights Association calls “New York’s first suburb,” included Seth Low, a president of Columbia University and a mayor of New York.

Today the tony neighborhood’s fancy row houses—some complete with garages—are popular with families. Several nearby subway lines offer easy access to Manhattan. In addition, the Long Island Rail Road is close by.

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  • tb

    Was this written by Captain Obvious? I’m just wondering…

  • AEB

    …but no mention of either Great Wall or Manifooki Properties. Or the laundromat on Columbia Place. So I don’t call that reporting.

  • George Earl

    Excellent article! I just wish that more visitors would look to behave in a lifestyle that was “the thing” when our row houses were built. Sure, the ice cream joints and pizza palaces are fine ‘n’ dandy, but do the wrappers, cups, and spoons of their customers have to be just left on the street when “d’ eatin’s dun, dude?”

  • Gaston

    Ditto, visitors leave trash all over and its really gross.

  • Ben

    I seek a row house with a garage and I will pay what it costs. I must have a garage.

  • Homer Fink

    @AEB Manfooki is now a stop on the Hidden Heights Walking Tour… tickets available for 8/7 now!

  • AEB

    Homer, so glad that Maifooki is now part of the tour. I now see it as the place to which all roads must inevitably lead…

  • abcd

    There was a shooting on Clark & Monroe earlier.