Crumbs Co-Founder Reveals Brooklyn Heights Opening Date

CRUMBS Co-Founder Jason Bauer answers our questions about the cupcake empire… especially when their Brooklyn Heights location at 109 Montague Street will open:

When is the Montague Street store scheduled to open?
Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What attracted you to Brooklyn Heights?
Great family neighborhood

What will the setup of the store be? Will there be tables or is it more grab and go?
We will carry about 50 varieties of cupcakes each day in additional to our full line of baked goods, including cookies, brownies, cakes, scones, muffins and lots of other great sweets. We have seating for about 15 people in the shop.

Where was the first Crumbs store and why do you think it was successful?
We opened our first store in March 2003 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We believe our customers keep coming back because of our signature cupcakes and great customer service.

Crumbs is known for its “celebrity” cupcakes (ie Artie Lange) … any plans for a local celeb cupcake? The Paul Giamatti for instance?
That’s a good idea…you never know!!

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  • http://bull Henry

    Just what the neighborhood needs — another place to fill up on sugars.

  • 109 Montague

    I cant wait until this construction is finished and I can sleep in late on my days off. Perhaps they want to clean up the atrocious mess in the back! Scrap metal for days!

    No baking will be done on premises – but I am quite sure this place will be packed with lines for a while.

    Try the ELVIS cupcake, its one of my fav’s!

  • xochi

    crumb’s elvis is NOTHING compared to robicelli’s. he has elevated the cupcake to a delightful culinary experience. (absolutely fresh AND seasonal ingredients with NO transfats) who knew! plus he’s a brooklynite.

  • AEB

    But no one asked him about when we’re going to get out of Afghanistan, the economy, global warming, Charlie Rangel or Linsay Lohan….

    …I myself vote for a Charlie Rangel cupcake with an outstretched palm done in buttercream on the top..

  • Arianna

    What we really need on Montague is three or four high quality restaurants. They don’t have to be fancy or high priced, just terrific simple food. The customers are here but the current restaurants are appallingly bad and no one seems to care. Why???