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Brooklyn Heights Dad Outraged Over Inappropriate WiFi Network Name

We received this dispatch from a Brooklyn Heights father regarding a WiFi network name picked up on his daughter’s iPhone:

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Have You Lost a Parakeet?

This pretty budgie alighted outside 57 Montague Street this evening, was gently captured, and is now in a box, with air holes and dishes of seed and water, next to the doorkeeper’s desk. If it’s yours, please come to 57 Montague and claim it. If it’s not claimed by tomorrow morning, I will contact local [...]

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NY Daily News Reports on “Judge Blockhead” and the Bevacco Lawsuit

Mohammad Muktadir’s sexual harassment suit against the owners of Bevacco took a strange twist recently reports the NY Daily News. According to the paper, Federal Judge Frederic Block who is “notorious for shooting from the lip” told a colleague that he was currently working on a “stupid little trial.” That comment was heard by one of the juror’s and the judge admitted to making the “faux pas.”

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Google Street View Car Spotted in Brooklyn Heights

Mrs. Fink snapped a photo of the Google Street View Car cruising at the corner of Henry and Clark Streets in Brooklyn Heights on Sunday (9/14) afternoon. So look for updated views of the neighborhood soon on Google Maps!

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Gorgeous Cat Found on Monroe and Clark

Found this stunning feline around 8:30 am. Clean, seems healthy, very friendly, but no collar or tags. We’re on our way to check for a microchip.

MIRACLE ALERT: The kitty was microchipped and reunited with its family today!

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Someone Who Hates Obama is Defacing Brooklyn Heights Area Mailboxes

A BHB reader has uncovered what could be an Obama hate group conspiracy or the work of one really bored person. You decide:

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This Week at the Brooklyn Bugle: Noise the Column, Tell the Bartender and More

Things are cookin’ over at the Brooklyn Bugle. Check out stories on music, lifestyle and more including:

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Game of Cones: One Man’s Struggle at the Brooklyn Heights Haagen Dazs

The following is a Brooklyn Bugle reader’s account of their experience at the Montague Street Haagen Dazs in Brooklyn Heights.


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Is There Really an Islamic Connection to the Brooklyn Bridge Flag Prank?

So your Tea Party Facebook friends are doing a lap and high fiving each other right now over a “news” item about an FDNY employee confirming an Islamic connection to the Brooklyn Bridge flag prank, eh?

The Brooklyn Bugle investigates. Read what we found out now.

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Disco Food Cart on Columbia Heights

First there was the rogue hot dog vendor who decided to set up shop on Montague Terrace. Now there’s a disco food cart on Columbia Heights near Squibb Park entrance to Brooklyn Bridge Park. While we’re pretty sure this is a legal spot, BHB commenter Peter points out in another BBP related thread: Yes, such [...]

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Willow Street Sign Don’t Need No Stinkin’ “R” to Tell You When to Park

BHB pal “Mr. Lee” sent us this photo of a new parking sign along Willow Street. Informative, sure. Spelled correctly? Not so much. Wonder if people “R” paying attention to the mistake. Ahem. This post has been updated since publication to reflect the actual location of sign.

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Brooklyn Heights Man Featured in NY Daily News Story About Anti-Trustifarians

While conservatives are voicing their fauxrage over President Obama’s birthday gift of a car to his daughter Malia, the NY Daily News posts a story about how the president and other well-to-do folks are steering their kids into a life of — work! Featured in the piece, one where we also learn that Sting will [...]

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Video: Karl Documents VW vs. Scooter Accident Mishap; Asks How Many People Can Fit into a SmartCar

Our man Karl Junkersfeld left the air conditioned comfort of his North Heights home this afternoon, under the auspices of just taking a leisurely stroll. But no matter how hard he tries to avoid newsworthy items — THEY KEEP PULLING HIM BACK IN. Case in point – an accident between a VW and scooter on [...]

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