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Brooklyn Heights Artist Latest to Say ‘I Declare World Peace’

Peacenik group I Declare World Peace, who would like as many people in the world to share its simple vision added a new supporter today. Brooklyn Heights based artist Mark Hurwitt is captured on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade in a video saying “I Declare World Peace.” IDCWP has a large number of similar videos on [...]

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Bookcases Getting the Heave-Ho at Hotel St George

They must be redecorating the dorm rooms at the Hotel St George, because a tipster sent us this photo with the message, “Disappointed in EHS dumping all of these bookcases into the trash. Isn’t there a Brooklyn org that uses old wood to make new things?” Anyone able to salvage a few?

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Citizens Defending Libraries Has One Hiss-terical Week

Citizens Defending Libraries, the group headed by long time Brooklyn Heights resident Michael D.D. White was quite vocal at Thursday’s annual Brooklyn Heights Association meeting. When BHA president Alexandra Bowie talked about the group’s stance on the Brooklyn Heights library, White and company hissed their disagreement (no, White didn’t go to Harvard). Oh, and they [...]

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A Tree Dies in Brooklyn

A truck took out a tree on Henry Street today. No people were injured, but the poor tree was not so lucky. From the photo you can see where contact was made on the upper right-hand corner of the truck and the side mirror.

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Open Letter To The Mail Stealing Dirtbag In Brooklyn Heights

Dear Mail Stealing Dirtbag – I’m sure you really needed that Valentine’s Day care package grandma sent my 3 year old more than she did. So I’ll forgive you for stealing it from our lobby. Oh who am I kidding? I’m not a “feelings” guy. I’m more furious than the power of a thousand suns. [...]

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Sad Stuff On The Street Flips Its Wig In Brooklyn Heights

The Tumblr Sad Stuff on the Street posts this photo taken in Brooklyn Heights with the caption:

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Will The Sidewalk At 27 Cranberry Street Ever Be Shoveled After A Snow Storm?

After the snowstorm on January 4, we noted that the sidewalk in front of the construction site at 27 Cranberry Street had not been shoveled. After last weekend’s snow fall a BHB tipster notes it still hasn’t been cleared:

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Watch Your Butt at The Brooklyner and 180 Montague

The Daily News reports that the Brooklyner, the Lawrence St. high-rise that looks like a cigarette, will be smoke-free as of March. Smoking will also soon be prohibited at Archstone Brooklyn Heights at 180 Montague, which like the Brooklyner is owned by Equity Residential.

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Santacon Invaded Park Plaza Diner In Brooklyn Heights

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that while many of us were enjoying a civilized time at the Custom House’s Toys for Tots event on Saturday, a throng of Santaconers took over the sports bar at the Park Plaza Diner. Brooklyn Eagle: Hundreds of Santas, elves and reindeer flowed into the Park Plaza Diner’s sports bar for [...]

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Area Resident Upset Over Small Business Saturday Banners In Brooklyn Heights

This Saturday (11/30) is Small Business Saturday in Brooklyn Heights and around the rest of the country. The promotion was started in 2010 by American Express to encourage people to shop at small businesses in a weekend cluttered with big box retailers shouting about Black Friday sales. This year other brands are participating and retailers [...]

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“Dorothy,” Here’s “Toto”

Judy Stanton, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Heights Association, sends us this message: [This] toy Toto (Wizard of Oz character)…is presumably half of a child’s Halloween costume. During ‘trick or treating’ on Garden Place last night this was dropped next to my stoop. I brought it in so it was not rained on, and I [...]

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Tone Deaf: City Removes Banksy’s Twin Towers Tribute From Fruit Street Sitting Area In Brooklyn Heights

While most of Brooklyn Heights is littered with graffiti from no talent taggers, the city was quick today to remove the Twin Towers tribute at the Fruit Street Sitting Area created by world famous street artist Banksy earlier this week. It had quickly become a beloved part of the neighborhood with many rushing to take [...]

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Lame Graffiti In Brooklyn Heights Hits New Low With ‘Blurred Lines’ Reference

Unless you’re a time traveller from 1975, a member of the Warriors or a writer at Complex magazine, you know that graffiti is lame. Case in point – the refrain of the popular song “Blurred Lines” scrawled on this utility box on Cranberry Street. You have been assaulted by the lyric – ‘you know you [...]

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Ok Brooklyn Heights, Now It’s Time (Sadly) To Pour One Out For Mr. Video III

Early last month, it looked like Clark Street’s Mr. Video III would be able to strike a deal with their landlord and continue on at that location but in a smaller space. Now comes word – via a giant sign in the store’s window – that they will cease operations there at the end of [...]

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If Those Are Really Coney Island Whitefish In The Water At Brooklyn Bridge Park, They Must Be Artisanal, Organic And/Or Sustainable

Anyone who grew up in New York City when it was “gritty” knows what about the then ubiquitous ‘Coney Island Whitefish‘. A BHB reader spotted the now rare(?) swimmers in the water at Brooklyn Bridge Park recently and sent the accompanying photo with this dispatch: Either it’s collecting waste from somewhere, or bbpark is a [...]

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Whale Carcass Towed Past Brooklyn Heights?

Update: Appearances can be deceiving! It wasn’t a whale carcass; it was a boat fender. Thanks to reader Erin Hughes for the tip. On my morning walk today, I saw this launch motoring past Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park, towing something mysterious. A miniature submarine? The flag flying from the boat’s bow staff said New [...]

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