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Disco Food Cart on Columbia Heights

First there was the rogue hot dog vendor who decided to set up shop on Montague Terrace. Now there’s a disco food cart on Columbia Heights near Squibb Park entrance to Brooklyn Bridge Park. While we’re pretty sure this is a legal spot, BHB commenter Peter points out in another BBP related thread: Yes, such [...]

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Willow Street Sign Don’t Need No Stinkin’ “R” to Tell You When to Park

BHB pal “Mr. Lee” sent us this photo of a new parking sign along Willow Street. Informative, sure. Spelled correctly? Not so much. Wonder if people “R” paying attention to the mistake. Ahem. This post has been updated since publication to reflect the actual location of sign.

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Brooklyn Heights Man Featured in NY Daily News Story About Anti-Trustifarians

While conservatives are voicing their fauxrage over President Obama’s birthday gift of a car to his daughter Malia, the NY Daily News posts a story about how the president and other well-to-do folks are steering their kids into a life of — work! Featured in the piece, one where we also learn that Sting will [...]

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Video: Karl Documents VW vs. Scooter Accident Mishap; Asks How Many People Can Fit into a SmartCar

Our man Karl Junkersfeld left the air conditioned comfort of his North Heights home this afternoon, under the auspices of just taking a leisurely stroll. But no matter how hard he tries to avoid newsworthy items — THEY KEEP PULLING HIM BACK IN. Case in point – an accident between a VW and scooter on [...]

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Some Jerk Spray Painted “Scam” at the Fruit Street Citibike Station in Brooklyn Heights

Our man with a cam Karl Junkersfeld was on the scene today at the Fruit Street Citibike docking station as workers were cleaning up a mess left by a Citibike hating vandal. A BHB tipster informed us of this “protest” this morning: Serious vandalism occurred overnight at the northern end of the promenade on Columbia [...]

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It’s a Miracle! Lemi the Brooklyn Heights Parakeet is Home

Lemi, the Brooklyn Heights parakeet who literally flew the coup last weekend is back home – safe and sound.

She’d been spotted on Flatbush Avenue, and more recently on the tennis court at Fort Greene Park. Now, word comes via Instagram that she’s A-OK:

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Lemi, the Missing Brooklyn Heights Parakeet, is Spotted by Instagram User

Lemi, the yellow parakeet who flew away from his Brooklyn Heights home the weekend of May 10, was spotted last Tuesday (5/13) by Instagram user @alexcarabano. However, Lemi’s owner who had posted signs all around the area wasn’t notified of the sighting until last night. The photo was taken on Flatbush near the Manhattan Bridge. [...]

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Who Says There Are No Bargains in Brooklyn Heights?

A rare find at 250 Henry Street. Also see photo below (after the jump). Of course, an econ professor who believes in efficient market theory would say, “Impossible. Someone would already have taken them.”

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Missing in Brooklyn Heights: Lemi the Parakeet

Signs were posted all over Brooklyn Heights this weekend in search of Lemi, a yellow parakeet that has gone missing. Her owners texted BHB Sunday (5/11) night: Our yellow parakeet Lemi is still not home. Any leads, even bad news, would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us at 917-971-4229. No word on if Lemi is [...]

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Devastation: Karl Junkersfeld’s New Video Shows What’s Left of the Wheatpaste Mural on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

It was beautiful while it lasted. However, the “wheatpaste” mural painted guerilla style sometime Tuesday night on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is no more.

Our Karl Junkersfeld, not known for his love of most “street art”, is not very happy about this development as his new video shows.

Watch after the jump.

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Captain Cleanup Strikes Again in Brooklyn Heights

A BHB tipster caught a glimpse of who we will assume was Heights Hero Captain Cleanup over the weekend:

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Brooklyn Heights Artist Latest to Say ‘I Declare World Peace’

Peacenik group I Declare World Peace, who would like as many people in the world to share its simple vision added a new supporter today. Brooklyn Heights based artist Mark Hurwitt is captured on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade in a video saying “I Declare World Peace.” IDCWP has a large number of similar videos on [...]

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Bookcases Getting the Heave-Ho at Hotel St George

They must be redecorating the dorm rooms at the Hotel St George, because a tipster sent us this photo with the message, “Disappointed in EHS dumping all of these bookcases into the trash. Isn’t there a Brooklyn org that uses old wood to make new things?” Anyone able to salvage a few?

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Citizens Defending Libraries Has One Hiss-terical Week

Citizens Defending Libraries, the group headed by long time Brooklyn Heights resident Michael D.D. White was quite vocal at Thursday’s annual Brooklyn Heights Association meeting. When BHA president Alexandra Bowie talked about the group’s stance on the Brooklyn Heights library, White and company hissed their disagreement (no, White didn’t go to Harvard). Oh, and they [...]

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A Tree Dies in Brooklyn

A truck took out a tree on Henry Street today. No people were injured, but the poor tree was not so lucky. From the photo you can see where contact was made on the upper right-hand corner of the truck and the side mirror.

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Open Letter To The Mail Stealing Dirtbag In Brooklyn Heights

Dear Mail Stealing Dirtbag – I’m sure you really needed that Valentine’s Day care package grandma sent my 3 year old more than she did. So I’ll forgive you for stealing it from our lobby. Oh who am I kidding? I’m not a “feelings” guy. I’m more furious than the power of a thousand suns. [...]

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