The End of Civilization or Just an “Abandoned Vehicle” on Montague St.?

From a neighborhood tipster:

This is on the corner of Montague and Henry Sts. at 5:45 p.m. No police barriers or anything. Is this the end of civilization? I tried to report it to 311 but they kept saying they were going to report it as an ‘abandoned vehicle.’ I was trying to impress on the person I was talking to that it’s not just an abandoned vehicle but a safety hazard. And possibly a crime scene! She was like, yes I see, broken glass, pieces of the truck falling onto the street, got it, ‘abandoned vehicle.’

Anyone know what’s with this burnt out truck with Indiana plates on our commercial street? Are they filming Mad Max Montague? Is it indeed the end of civilization?  Keep all of us updated in the comments if you find out.


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