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St. Ann’s School Dumps Hundreds of Books On Clinton Street

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, or so the adage goes. It started with a late-afternoon post to Buy Nothing Brooklyn Heights/Dumbo/Vinegar Hill. St. Ann’s School had just dumped hundreds of books in the trash. “Curb Alert: Close to 40 Clinton by the parking garage at 3:50pm Tuesday…Hundreds of books. So many good ones.” The post fomented […]

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NY Daily News Reports on “Judge Blockhead” and the Bevacco Lawsuit

Mohammad Muktadir’s sexual harassment suit against the owners of Bevacco took a strange twist recently reports the NY Daily News. According to the paper, Federal Judge Frederic Block who is “notorious for shooting from the lip” told a colleague that he was currently working on a “stupid little trial.” That comment was heard by one of the juror’s and the judge admitted to making the “faux pas.”

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Willow Street Sign Don’t Need No Stinkin’ “R” to Tell You When to Park

BHB pal “Mr. Lee” sent us this photo of a new parking sign along Willow Street. Informative, sure. Spelled correctly? Not so much. Wonder if people “R” paying attention to the mistake. Ahem. This post has been updated since publication to reflect the actual location of sign.

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Will The Sidewalk At 27 Cranberry Street Ever Be Shoveled After A Snow Storm?

After the snowstorm on January 4, we noted that the sidewalk in front of the construction site at 27 Cranberry Street had not been shoveled. After last weekend’s snow fall a BHB tipster notes it still hasn’t been cleared:

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Former Brooklyn Heights Resident Moves To Harlem To “Escape Multi-Million Dollar Mansions And Unfriendly Neighbors”

Brick Underground features a story dissing our neighborhood and penned by “a real-life NYC landlord whose pseudonym is Craig Roche”. The headline: — Brooklyn Heights to Harlem: Escape from multi-million dollar mansions and unfriendly neighbors.

Friends, this one is as they say a real pip:

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Spelling Lesson: Bentley’s Retires ‘Liquadition’ Sign!

A week after BHB played the shame game with Bentley’s at 144 Montague Street for posting the same sign misspelling for three years running, it appears staff decided it was worth investing in a new sign—and better use of those pesky letters of the alphabet. Obviously, the women’s shoe store is excited, too: They added […]

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Encore Fail! Bentley’s ‘Liquadition’ Sign

Mercy, almighty. Bentley’s at 144 Montague Street has posted this same sign misspelling for years—in fact, previously pointed out with sweet empathy by BHB. Has no one ever happened to mention to the shoe retailer that “Liquidation” is spelled with the “I” and “A” in somewhat different order? All youse pepes have gotta do is […]

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Cops To Brooklyn Heights: Don’t Be Daft… Lock Your Front Door!

At a community council meeting Tuesday night, Capt. Maximo Tolentino, commanding officer of the 84th Precinct, pleaded with residents of Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill to keep their front doors locked. He noted that of 141 burglaries in the precinct in 2012, 48 occurred when residents were daft enough to leave front doors and windows […]

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NYC Bike Share Program Delayed To Summer’s End Because Of ‘Software Glitch’

For those anticipating New York City’s Bike Share Program, which included locations in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Bridge Park and nearby Downtown Brooklyn, you might as well hang up your helmets. The 600 city bike share stations, which were scheduled to be in place by the end of July, have been stalled until late summer, according […]

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As BBP Struggles For Funding, Self-Sustaining High Line Park Gets $5M Gift From City

While Brooklyn Bridge Park continues to scrounge together funding to continue buildout of the slow-as-molasses 85-acre waterfront project, Manhattan’s High Line Park has received a $5 million windfall from the city. This, despite the fact that the West Side tourist destination has raked in $85 million in private sector donations, in addition to a lucrative […]

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