Cops To Brooklyn Heights: Don’t Be Daft… Lock Your Front Door!

At a community council meeting Tuesday night, Capt. Maximo Tolentino, commanding officer of the 84th Precinct, pleaded with residents of Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill to keep their front doors locked. He noted that of 141 burglaries in the precinct in 2012, 48 occurred when residents were daft enough to leave front doors and windows unlocked. This is reminiscent of a rash of burglaries here in 2011. An instance leading to our humble publisher inventing a word.

“The bottom line is, close your doors before you leave,” Tolentino says. “We’ve gotten so comfortable with the fact that only 2.8 crimes happen per day [within the precinct] that we let our guard down when we get home. Even if you’re home, you can’t assume it’s OK to leave your front door open.”

Tolentino advised residents to be more aware of their surroundings and to report burglaries by calling 911: “We are doing everything we can on our end, but we need everyone to do their part as well.”

New York magazine adds that this isn’t the first time Brooklyn Heights residents have been reminded that bad things happen “even in posh, idyllic neighborhoods.” From March 2011: “Brooklyn Heights, the brownstone and red-brick bastion of families new and old, has seen a crime spree of sorts: four burglaries in the past five days. But none of the burglaries came from a forced entry, a broken window. Instead, the burglars simply let themselves in through windows, or doors that residents, perhaps overly confident, had left open.” quotes Howard Kolins, president of the Boerum Hill Association: “Certainly with crime down citywide, many people are less wary. Yes, check your door locks and take the ear buds out and look to see where you’re going. Don’t become a crime victim because you encouraged a crime of opportunity.”

The 84th Precinct covers Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill and Vinegar Hill.

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  • WillowNabe

    I live in a very secure building and would never leave my door unlocked. I am on a high floor so there’s no chance of anyone entering through a window.
    People think that because they live in Brooklyn Heights they are perfectly safe. We have many many strangers entering the building every day, contractors, delivery people, etc.
    Although everyone has to sign in at the desk, that does not stop someone from possibly roaming around the building looking for an unlocked door.
    Better safe than sorry.

  • Teddy

    A lot of careless people have moved into the area. Then again, most of the break-ins probably involve windows and I understand how someone may want to leave the window open on a nice day.

  • Gerry

    Only a dope would leave a door unlocked.

    To protect us and our valuable things we have a high tech state of the art security system and are under video-surveillance at all times a camera records activity on our stoop and the entire side of the block our house is on.

    It is a good idea to lock your doors.

  • sue

    i lock my door when i go 11 feet to dump my trash in the chute. I live on a high floor, on the best block in the neighborhood. Really, you leave your doors UNLOCKED? How is that possible? Don’t you have have doors that lock automatically when you close them?

  • Arch Stanton

    I hate to use the cliché “Ohio” but….

  • Gerry

    @ sue – you are a smart woman like you we do not leave the doors unlocked at any time

  • AL

    Sue – I’m curious. Which is the best block in BH?

  • Teddy


    I’m curious about that myself.

  • WillowNabe

    I live on Willow Street which is a pretty nice block. I don’t have a favorite block. Willow is nice. Columbia Heights is nice.
    Remsen has beautiful single family houses. Anyway, I could go on and on as there are so many beautiful blocks in BH.

  • Gerry

    Garden Place and Sydney Place are beautiful blocks.
    I like Montague Terrace because of the view we get of the NYC skyline. And I love to chat with the tourists who wander around here and on the Promenade..

  • MonroeOrange

    Gerry…Tourist are the only people who don’t realize what a jerk you are and therefore the only people who will talk to you…Your wife must be so proud of you…