News 12 Covers Brooklyn Heights Burglaries

News 12 Brooklyn was on the scene today, covering the recent string of burglaries in the neighborhood. BHB’s John “Homer Fink” Loscalzo was interviewed. Watch the video, after the jump, and hear him invent a new word.

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  • Claude Scales

    “Serialness”? Homer, you’ve got nothing on Sarah Palin, neologism-wise.

  • Y

    Tightknit neighborhood? LMAO.

  • AEB

    Time for an agent, Homer….

  • Demonter

    Seriality-n. 1. The quality or state of succession in a series; sequence. (Free Dictionary online)

    English is a dynamic language forever evolving hence- “Killer Cheesecake” is not a poisoned food but a delicious desert.

  • Arch Stanton

    Unfortunately, the video reads like an ad saying “Rob the Heights, it’s an easy mark”.

  • nabeguy

    Same thing happened back in the ’70’s when a young man went on a one-man crime spree. It lasted about two weeks, and he hit quite a few houses (my family”s included). I suspect that a similar situation exists here and that these break-ins are the work of a single individual These are crimes of opportunity…namely, the opportunity of an unlocked door or window.

  • x

    it will just attract more criminal elements here.

    I dont understand why people don’t lock their doors. I used to live in Ithaca and Syracuse and I STILL locked my doors.

  • Fight Crime

    Unfortunately, there is basically zero police presence in most of the North Heights!

    Why can’t a cop or two be assigned to walk a beat or ride a scooter in the Heights??? Is this such an outlandish idea???

  • AL

    A friend living on Montague St, a back apartment, was burgled 2x within the past 8 months. Entry thru window, which 1st time had been left unlocked. Now has window gates.

  • Buddy Holly

    It is almost always entry through the windows, and then they leave the door open when they leave. Yeah, we can expect more break-ins now that the world knows to come here and steal.

    For those techies out there, webcam your apartment and if anything happens, you’ll have the pictures of the person to give to the police.

  • T.K. Small

    Now we know why there are no windows in the two apartments above the Brooklyn Eagle’s office.

  • Andrew Porter

    How soon they forget! There were a LOT of burglaries and break-ins in the bad days of the 1970s and 80s, and lots of window gates here, esp. on windows in the backs of buildings. If you don’t keep the windows on fire escapes locked, you’re inviting trouble. There was a rape in my building in the 1970s, when a young woman on the first floor left her window and curtains open and took a shower. Definitely a crime of opportunity.

    As far as the rest of BH, don’t forget why Willy Loman robbed banks: “Because that’s where the money is.” Ditto for rich, lazy Heights residents. And the times being what they are, better to burglarize BH than Crown Heights.

  • nabeguy

    T.K. As Eddy D pointed out, it’s illegal for an apartment to not have windows, so I looked again and they do have windows. Not a great view out of them, but they do allow some air circulation…I’m not sure I can say the same for the Brooklyn Eagle.

  • Buddy Holly

    A double Zinger for the nabeguy.

  • T.K. Small

    In that case, I guess the apartment occupants should make sure that there homeowners insurance is up-to-date.

  • nabeguy

    Buddy, in case you weren’t aware, I also rap under the moniker DubbleZingah.

  • T.K. Small

    Speaking of rap, tonight I am going to see the Orthodox/reggae/rapper, Matisyahu.

  • nabeguy

    Personally, I prefer the Orthodox/Asian/rapper, SoSueMe

  • WillowtownCop

    Fight Crime-

    People go on TV and admit that they don’t lock their windows and doors, but one cop walking on Pineapple Street is going to stop someone going through an unlocked window on Willow Place?

    At any given time there are 50 cops on foot posts in a 5 block radius in Brownsville. It doesn’t stop anything.

    If the insurance companies started denying claims for people who don’t take basic precautions like locking their door, maybe this wouldn’t happen so often. I have locks and unobtrusive pieces of wood in my windows so they can’t be opened unless the wood is removed.

  • y

    If 50 cops in a 5 block radius dont stop anything, maybe its time to think about laying off cops. Why carry around dead weight?

  • David on Middagh

    Is “y” the same commenter as “Y”?

    I am case-sensitive.

  • bornhere

    Not to argue with Willowtown, who is an MOS and likely knows what she’s talking about, but I’d hate to think of what could happen if however many cops in Brownsville or Brooklyn Heights were NOT in place. While 5 blocks can sound like Mayberry, the height of the area, with apartment buildings, housing, etc., is not nothing.

    And I am so sorry to read about the loss in the 84.

  • Demonter

    Private security patrols 24/7 like in Gravesend. They routinely stop any unfamiliar persons for questioning. Paid for by the Community Association…good deterrent because perps know they are being proactively sought after. Beekman Place near the UN has private security as well.

  • x

    Brooklyn Heights should have some sort of Community street watch imo

  • Y

    @ Dave: As you can tell I am not quite a sensitive person.

    @ Demonter: Good idea. Whats the criteria for being an unfamiliar person? We get gates around BH, put face recognition software and camera’s in place and off we go? If you are non-caucasian you get a separate entrance to ensure you are being checked more thoroughly? Or do we just go with skin color and forget about the gates?

  • epc

    Sad how people who bitch about paying cops a decent wage have no problem recommending hiring a private security force.

  • Y

    I realize my sarcasm seems to get lost in translation.

  • David on Middagh


  • WillowtownCop

    Take responsibility for securing your own property. A simple, cheap dowel in the window. A sturdy deadbolt on the door. A big angry dog.

    Would you rather have someone with a career and decent wage to protect, who has been through the Academy, or someone with no power of arrest, no training, making $12 an hour?

    If you put a cop in front of every building, you could stop the burglaries. But no one wants to live like that and no one wants to pay for it.

    Anyway, as we have seen from the events this morning, as soon as these people are arrested for the 28th time, they will be out on the streets again as soon as the legal system can spit them back out.

  • Demonter

    Deterrence of crime is what private security services are all about. It exists all over the nation with positive results. Catching the criminals is the last resort…The police can’t be everywhere and a community that is truly fed up with crime has few viable options.
    If you were considering a burglary spree where would you go first in Brooklyn: Gravesend or Brooklyn Heights?