Bell House Derby Party to Honor Homer Fink

This in from Tracy (“Mrs. Fink”) Zamot:

THE BELL HOUSE is dedicating this year’s Derby to the memory of John Loscalzo and his deep abiding love for the Derby and a strong mint julep. Please come out and honor my silly man and the great compassion of the organizers. Also – we can reminisce about the time John’s Dad won and was convinced there was a conspiracy theory to keep the winnings from him. Who’s my date?

This Saturday, May 2, starting at 2:00 p.m.and going to 8:00 there will be live music, a best Derby hat contest, “Homer Fink’s Honorary Best Dressed Man Contest” (he was a snappy dresser), and, of course, lots of mint juleps. Oh, yeah, and that horse race on TV. More info and buy tickets here.

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  • Boerum Bill

    Well…I’LL be there!