NY Daily News Plotzes Over Love Lane Mews

The NY Daily News writes a comprehensive piece about Love Lane Mews today. Condos in the converted garage top out at a little over $4 million:

NY Daily News: “This project is about three components, and they all work,” says Robert Esnard, president of Manhattan Skyline, the New York-based developer of the project headed by Don Zucker. “It’s got love, history and modern luxury.”

You can put them in that order, too. Love Lane takes its name because it was a popular necking area where men would park their carriages in the 1880s before dropping their girlfriends off at the all-girls college around the corner (the Brooklyn Collegiate Institute for Young Ladies was built in 1822 and later became a hotel). Running perpendicular to College Place, which is the actual address of the condominiums, the two streets practically hold hands. As soon you turn the corner from Henry St., you’re immediately transported to a different era. There are two- and three-story mews, some painted light blue with black trim, others with red brick and green trim.

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  • Jorale-man

    Interesting bit of history about the name. I always wondered what that was about. (The term “necking” is a bit of a head-scratcher though. It sounds mildly painful!)