NY Daily News Reports on “Judge Blockhead” and the Bevacco Lawsuit

Mohammad Muktadir’s sexual harassment suit against the owners of Bevacco took a strange twist recently reports the NY Daily News. According to the paper, Federal Judge Frederic Block who is “notorious for shooting from the lip” told a colleague that he was currently working on a “stupid little trial.” That comment was heard by one of the juror’s and the judge admitted to making the “faux pas.”

NYDN: Muktadir claimed he was sexually harassed by a male chef and called a “smelly Bangladeshi bum” by co-workers when he was employed there in 2011. He also complained that the “family meal” prepared for employees contained sliced ham and pancetta, which he couldn’t eat because he’s Muslim, and the chef refused to accommodate his religious diet.
Juror No. 2 was brought into the courtroom, confirmed he had overheard Block and was excused. He had not mentioned the comment to the other jurors.

The remaining jurors took 15 minutes to deliberate and threw out the case without giving Muktadir a penny.

Photo: Evan Bindelglass

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  • johnny cakes

    And on to the next case.

  • wspier

    I don’t know much about this lawsuit, but I can tell you that the plaintiff should have added the poor food and service to the complaint.

  • wspier

    If I listed the parade of horribles I suffered having a lunch there, the peasants would storm it with pitchforks and torch the building.

  • jane

    who knew there was a suit? i just continue to know what an awful that place is and how after some of the WORST service ever, I can’t imagine going back. gross. leave.

  • johnny cakes

    The peasants don’t want to work there. Much less pay to eat there. Would the management also heist a peasant’s tips?

  • cindy s

    Well, first of all examine the quality
    of pleadings, how exactly was the
    Case brought forward? You have
    The claims of plaintiff and the poss
    Ible misconduct of the judge, but
    You have to look at the actuial
    Transcript to see what really
    Happened. What does two sides
    Representation say? Ask more
    Questions on this…

  • Hicksup

    And this is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Moni

    Bevacco is always empty when I pass by, so I’ve never tried it and the menu doesn’t entice. No customers means lousy food and/or service or both. What a shame that space doesn’t offer more to the community. I was excited when it opened but found the decor somewhat stark and uninviting, which made the emptiness even more off-putting.

  • Annonymouse

    Bevacco was great when it opened. We went there all the time, for dinner and for brunch. Then, a year or 2 ago it went downhill. First, the menu staples started to suck, then an all new menu appeared, and was not good. We stopped coming.