Will The Sidewalk At 27 Cranberry Street Ever Be Shoveled After A Snow Storm?

After the snowstorm on January 4, we noted that the sidewalk in front of the construction site at 27 Cranberry Street had not been shoveled. After last weekend’s snow fall a BHB tipster notes it still hasn’t been cleared:

While happy I’m no longer getting clothes lined by low branches [at 25 Cranberry], I do wonder who, if anyone, is responsible for clearing that sidewalk which is treacherous.

Temperatures are expected to shoot above freezing this weekend, so the treacherous cocktail of ice and snow on the sidewalk at that location shouldn’t be a bother for much longer.

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  • David on Middagh

    “Most likely.”


  • Kathie

    Why can’t the neighbors shovel a narrow path? That’s what we do in Windsor Terrace. ;-)

  • Bearcat

    I noticed that the sidewalks at the northwest corner of Hicks and Montague (leading north up Hicks and west down Montague) along the apartment building on that corner, are never shoveled either.

  • neighboronhicks

    someone laid down sand in front of the construction fence. messy, but not slick. and not so evil to pups’ paws.