84th Precinct Names P.O. Saief Hasnain Cop Of The Year

On Monday night the 84th Precinct, which covers Brooklyn Heights, named P.O. Saief Hasnain Cop of the Year for his outstanding achievement in fighting DWIs in the area.

Brooklyn Eagle: Hasnain has made 116 arrests since he became a cop in 2007. He made 19 DWI arrests last year and arrested 16 more for driving with suspended licenses.

“When I took over this post, one of the commitments I made was to aggressively pursue traffic safety, and we felt with that in mind that Officer Hasnain’s work was so important,” said Capt. Maximo Tolentino. “This type of work saves many lives, and I’m proud of his personal achievement. This community needs police officers that are dedicated to this type of work.”

Borough President Eric Adams, a former police captain, was also on hand, and he made it a point to thank Hasnain’s family — his wife Jerine, brother Samid and son Ayan.

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  • ellymay878

    Good job,I wish this was the case all over the city.
    I would like to see police ticketing cyclists who go against traffic laws endangering pedestrians: one hit my car(while I was stopped at light) with his bike, broke tail light cover, and then rode away when I was silly enough to ask for his info. as one would do if he had been driving a car.I have almost been hit numerous times while walking around and know someone who was knocked down by one and luckily lived to tell the tale…some don’t.