Open Thread Wednesday 1/29/14

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  • Glenn Gissler

    Clark Street Subway Station –
    Who is supposed to maintain the street level station?
    – The doors on the Clark Street entrance are often missing handles, don’t work, etc. it appears that ordinary storefront doors were used here instead of much heavier duty doors that are designed to withstand the heavy use.
    – It is confusing what is public and what is private space here. The small market maintains a crappy appearance and uses the space to set up tables to work, sell flowers on beaten up old stands, etc.

  • K

    What’s a good organic dry cleaner in the Central/South Heights? Not a fan of Mr. Rafael’s on Court Street or of Clinton Hill Cleaners on Atlantic & Clinton.

  • Panina

    I have advised the ‘token booth’ attendant several times when there was a problem with the doors….I was told it was the building’s responsibility as if there was nothing she could do. She saw my reaction and said she would do her best to advise someone in charge. It is a shame that this ‘Historic Landmark’ neighborhood is not treated with the respect it deserves!!!!

  • bongo23

    When did Fascati Pizza turn so mediocre? I admit I’m not a super regular patron, for some reason I always seem to want pizza on a Monday, but aside from a nice crust there was barely enough cheese and toppings to identify it as pizza.

  • DIBS

    They are closed on Mondays.

  • Sarah

    Can anyone recommend a hair stylist in the area?. My regular fellow moved on.

  • Susan Raboy

    Mykel at Irene DInov’s on Montague. He is amazing!

  • Carlotta

    Stas at Salon on Clark.

  • Anna

    I love Rafael at Heights Salon on Montague.

  • Anna

    Can anyone recommend someone to do furniture repair in the area? We have a dining table with a loose leg that needs to be fixed.

  • jv

    Lisa at Boy love Girl on Atlantic is amazing. If u can’t get her though go to anyone. They are all good.

  • jv

    Antonio’s on court is soooooo good. Try them next Monday!

  • jv

    Agree, live their meatball subs and chicken parm

  • DIBS

    I see advertising above. I’ve used them for a number of houses and their quality is excellent across a broad range of prices. Service and technival assistance excellent too.

  • Heightsman

    I told them a year+ ago that they weren’t making it like the old days and they’ve gotten very cheap on the cheese. I solved my issue (with more cost) by paying for extra cheese. Lately even the extra cheese version is getting weaker. Don’t get me wrong…still a fan but why do they have to be so cheap with the cheese?

  • Name

    I’m also in the market for a good drop off laundry service. I used to go to Plaza Cleaners on Montague but they are consistently late with what time they open. After waiting 20 minutes today in the freezing cold while my pick-up was held hostage inside, I’m giving up and going somewhere else! They are an organic dry cleaner but I would avoid!

  • DIBS

    Will have to try the chicken parm. The lasagna portion with bread is enough to feed 2.

  • DIBS

    We use Lung’s on Henry just north of Clark beyond Fascati and next to Sociale. Doubt it’s organic though!

  • Arch Stanton

    Never the same after Sal passed :(

  • David on Middagh

    I jes’ take them out back and shoot ’em.

  • Emily

    Jessica at Salon Van Sickel.

  • Lois

    Plaza Cleaners (used to be New Model) at 64 Henry Street – has a drop off center at 82 Montague Street next to Teresa’s. They open and close at the hours specified – you won’t be waiting in the street for them to open.

  • MonroeOrange

    yes…but how is their Spagehtti Carbonara?

  • MonroeOrange

    just be thankful its not the 80’s still, you would be complaining about alot more than just the door handles and flower market.

  • Ann B Chapin

    Update on Love Lane snow shoveling! I spoke with the Mgr yesterday. He is a good and honest guy. It seems he now has a snow blower that he uses for Love Lane & College Place. He said that after he cleans off Love Lane the city trucks come down and pile the snow up against the side of the building. The other side has private homes, so they put the snow on his side. There was so much, he could not get through with the blower. I shall keep an eye on this-

  • bongo23

    Thanks. I’ll check them out. Although it’s odd that their online menu doesn’t list mushroom as an available topping. Perhaps they have a fear of the fungus?

  • bongo23

    I tried the extra cheese trick at Fascati a few years ago. The pie came with so much cheese on it, it must have weighed double!

  • bongo23

    I’ve had the meatball parm hero before. It’s good, but boy did it take a long time.

  • Jorale-man

    The subway stations in Brooklyn Heights are a real disgrace. Sadly, though, typical of the MTA.

  • peahyphenelle

    I have heard on good authority that the Clark Street subway station is one of only a couple that are not owned and managed by the MTA. EHS student housing ( at 55 Clark Street is apparently responsible for maintaining the doors on both Henry and Clark Streets and for supervising the rental units inside the station. The doors are certainly the cheapest possible options and one on Clark Street is almost always broken.The doors on the EHS 55 Clark Street entrance are more in keeping in design and substance with what must have been there originally when the station opened.