Brooklyn Heights Neighbor in the Times’ Metropolitan Diary

Quirky tales of the city appear in the New York Times’ Metropolitan Diary every week. In the latest installment, among an ode to Barney Greengarss and the tale of an errant hen in Riverside Park, one of our own has a sweet missive entitled Window Seat.

Dear Diary:

I am in my house in Brooklyn Heights when an unexpected rain hits. There is thunder and lightning. I go to the window to check it out.

Across the street, I see a boy, around 8, doing the same. He is sitting on a window seat with his headphones on. He is holding some kind of glowing device.

He looks at me and leaves the window briefly. He returns with an actual book that he holds up for me to see.

I give him a thumbs-up, and he grins.

— Vicky Schippers

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

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  • Andrew Porter

    Read that and loved it. The “Metropolitan Diary” is one of those holdouts from the old NYT that continues to enchant.