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Confessions of a Failed Community Theater Fan—Finally Discovering the Heights Players

I am embarrassed to say that until this month, I was a newbie at The Heights Players. Oh, you too? Our delightful community theater spot on Willow Place, between Joralemon and State Streets. Just a left turn from the cobblestone path down to Brooklyn Bridge Park? No? Never heard of it? Heard of it, but […]

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Halloween Memories in Brooklyn Heights, the return of Plymouth Church’s Yankee Fair and a Plan for Saturday’s Packed Community Calendar

I suppose we could have a debate, but I’d win: there’s really nothing more Fall than Halloween in Brooklyn Heights. And with a world going sideways, we need community, small humans and canines in costumes, Fall lovers and spectators, pumpkins, homemade treats and gratitude in this harvest home. This Saturday, October 28th, is shaping up for a […]

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A Good Showing for Brooklyn Heights and Environs at LGA’s Terminal B

I may be a year late to the transit hub party, but I have finally seen the light—or at least the sunrise—on the newish Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport. I guess I’ve been flying Delta a lot—which typically involves a tiny tease of the swanky new Terminal C and then a dreary detour back through […]

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My First Dispatch: On Moving to Brooklyn in 1996 as We Welcome September in the Best Neighborhood in NYC

Greetings neighbors—the first dispatch from me, Caroline Aiken Koster, your newest BHBlogger here. This first post has me thinking about moving to Brooklyn Heights in Fall of 1996. Until then, my husband James and I, fresh out of graduate school and landing in Manhattan from our hometowns of Louisville and Cincinnati, rented a standard NYC […]

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