The Mystery Noise Of Pineapple Walk — Solved!

If you had been hearing a mysterious, annoying, “high pitched zee-zee-zee-zee” sound in the vicinity of Pineapple Walk, Henry Street, and Cadman Towers, and thought “hey, that’s almost as loud as the helicopters”, Mary Frost revealed the culprit yesterday in The Brooklyn Eagle, in a page-turning (finger-scrolling?) article we’re sure will be optioned by Netflix early next year.

Desperate Neighbors (cast: Amy Adams, Paul Giamatti, Octavia Spencer, M. Emmett Walsh), strangers to each other, working together to track down the source. The authorities that fail them — the local police precinct (Christopher Meloni) and the BHA (Betty White). The harried building manager (Viola Davis) facing down a tenant riot, and the tech-savvy super (Adam Driver) using his bag of tricks (remote cameras, drones, an AI-powered robot named Phil) to locate the sound. The begrudging acceptance of help from the grizzled former co-op board president and ex-spymaster (Daniel Craig). The final, tense showdown between the secret agent wife (Jennifer Lopez) and the diabolical villain (Michael Shannon) high up on the Cadman towers… ok, so we might be getting carried away here.

We don’t want to spoil the big reveal — let’s just say “the call was coming from inside the house” — but it sounds like it became quite a bonding experience for everyone involved:

The contretemps “brought together so many people from the neighborhood,” Owens said. “I’ve met the super from pretty much every building nearby and some people got really invested and wanted to help, which was awesome.”

That’s great! Now what about the helicopters?

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Mary wrote a great article. Good read. Read like an Agatha Christie novel. hehe

  • Mary Kim

    This is truly the most exciting thing to happen in Brooklyn Heights since before times. Mary Frost has done it again with superb casting by Qfwfq!

  • SongBirdNYC

    Hot tip: We have silver mylar pin wheels on our balcony. The pigeons HATE them and it is a really inexpensive way to keep them from roosting and pooping all over my balcony.

  • PleaseBQuiet

    A lot of people suffered from this noise pollution. It’s an example of how people don’t think about how the noise they generate will adversely affect others. NYC needs much tougher noise laws and enforcement.