Open Thread Wednesday

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  • Andrew Porter

    What? No header photo? How about this one, from my files, of a snowy Promenade a while ago:

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s Willoughby and Jay Streets on July 31, 1928; there’s a then/now comparison in reply. Only thing different are the cars:

  • Andrew Porter
  • CassieVonMontague

    Egg prices at Key Food have gotten absurd. Now I go to All-In-One (formerly Peas & Pickles) or Trader Joe’s

  • Andrew Porter

    I noticed that Trader Joe’s hasn’t been able to stock their Reddi-Egg liquid eggs for several weeks. Nor does Key have Original Egg-Beaters any more.

  • El

    might be of interest to some – ice skating rink / winter village at Governor’s Island starting Dec 17:

  • clinton

    Mrs Meyers dish soap – $4.50 at Rite Aid, close to $8.00 at Key Food.

  • Jorale-man

    The final portion of Brooklyn Bridge Park opens today:

    Went by this morning and it was still roped off but I think they’re getting ready to open it up.

  • Mike Suko

    Looks like Key (I assume people are talking Montague not Atlantic – as diff. as could be, same name notwithstanding – is run by a “genius” who figured, “Why not charge as crazy high prices as Gristedes?” You’ve got a pretty upscale nabe where the value of time is high & the usual “I don’t want it TOMORROW” applies, so “where they gonna go?”

    It’s a shame, but that’s one of the most pernicious aspects of an inflationary period (even if words like “alleged” or “temporary” apply) – it gives cover to bad actors (i.e., vendors who get piggy!)

    Add Sahadi’s – increasingly, no prices are posted. Y’know what THAT means!

  • CassieVonMontague

    Anatomy of a Bad Road

    Perilous to cross and unpleasant to drive, ride or walk along, Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue badly needs a safety-minded makeover. Here’s how transportation advocates would do it.

    The article focuses on the Flatbush and Vanderbilt intersections.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Just got a text from a reliable source that there is a fire in the upstairs eyewear store on Montague Street. Can anyone confirm?

  • Annanymouse

    I paid $9 for 1 container of hot dogs at Key Food Montague the other day. Disgraceful. I am never going back. Will pretend it’s not even there.

  • Red Leader

    Gristedes is charging $10 for a $3 box of coffee filters. Outrageous!

  • Andrew Porter

    A “container’? How about a package of 6 Reduced Fat Beef Franks from Hebrew National, bought at Key, price $7.99.

    Maybe if you bothered to shop selectively, instead of throwing the first thing that caught your eye into your shopping cart…

  • Andrew Porter

    That like every other store, they’re short-staffed—note the people wanted signs outside.

    Saw someone walk out in a huff at the bagel place on Montague because they weren’t taken care of immediately by the sole guy behind the counter, who was serving someone else.

  • CassieVonMontague

    To be fair, Montague Bagels is one of the slowest bagel shops in town. It’s good, but if you go there expecting NYC bagel shop speed, you’re in for a rude awakening and should go to La Bagel Delight instead