Fish ‘n’ Chip Paper: Last Week’s Stories You May Have Missed 3/23/09

BHB photo by Diana Rosenthal

BHB photo by Diana Rosenthal

In case you missed ’em last week, here’s your Fish ‘n’ Chip Paper for 3/23/09:

Only on BHB:

Top 5 Things I Love About My Neighborhood

Attempted Robbery at Citibank

Park Progress: Pier 1 (Third Report–Will There be Green on Them Thar Hills?)

Cpt. DiPaolo: Saw something? Tell us!

Save Madison the Dog from the Pound

Dude, Shut Yer Alarm

In the news:

Squadron Announces Park Plan

Truths emerge about SCA and Dock St.

Giamatti on GMA

BBP’s Pier 6 by end of year!

Two Years Ago on BHB

FIRE at 42 Remsen Street!

Blaze at Taze

Where Did the Extra “I” Come From?

Busy Chef Unveils Website

One Year Ago on BHB

Former Brothel Sells for $10.98 Million

Morrone to Document Every Brooklyn Heights Building

Riverside Residents Speak Out on Parking Plan

Last week on CHB:

God of Carnage, Opening on Broadway, Set in Cobble Hill

Kuntzman: Cobble Hill 20 Mins Slower?

Cobble Hill Housewife turned Huffington Post blogger

Heights Books open on Smith Street

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