Dude, Shut Yer Alarm

Flickr photo by dangottesman

Flickr photo by dangottesman

This hodge podge of ink and tape warns the driver of this car, whose alarm apparently woke the writer’s daughter at 3AM somewhere in Brooklyn Heights, that the next time the theft protector malfunctions his windshield shall be smashed.

Not as genteel or subtle as last year’s Cornflower Blue Crayola screed.

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  • my2cents

    well, that’ll keep the alarm from sounding…

  • CJP

    Eggs make a wonderful statement about loud alarms.

  • nabeguy

    Crazy Glue in the locks is pretty effective too. It doesn’t stop the alarm, but it makes the car owner realize just how annoying those continuous alarms can be as they stand there waiting for a locksmith.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Mistake #1, handwritten “note.”
    Mistake #2, using tape as the medium.
    Mistake #3, revealing personal information

    If car owners saves all this stuff, and someday finds his windshield smashed in, it won’t be hard to find and prosecute the perp.

    Doesn’t excuse the car owner’s alarm, no, not at all.

  • Ari

    Or towed at owner’s expense, another powerful message….

  • yo

    or just call 311 and report it. Cops will be there relatively quickly to check it out. If the alarm is still going off when they get there, they will disconnect the battery.

  • Native Son

    re: Comment from No One Of Consequence

    Haha! What are they going to do? Dust for prints? Do a DNA test? Handwriting samples?

    You watch too much CSI.

  • No One Of Consequence

    I don’t watch CSI.
    Don’t have to dust, it’s already been done. Pull off a piece of tape and take a look for yourself.

    What the angry father wants to do is a crime. The car alarm, as annoying as it is, is not.

    If he smashed in my window, I’d sure as hell follow every possible avenue to locate and prosecute. He’s just making it easier to find him.

  • my2cents

    Why assume it’s a father? Though then perhaps there will be a semen sample on that tape that the boys at the crime lab can analyze (see superbad).

  • frances k

    I did the egg on a windshield lo these many years ago & the impact actually stopped the alarm. The s+++head didn’t show up for a couple of days but when he did, the egg had dripped under the hood & dried nicely. I could hear him swearing in the street & I had a right proper laugh. (I also left a note that people kept adding things to as the couple of days passed.)

  • nabeguy

    Good one Frances. Nothing like a three day old egg stain. You have to call the Smithsonian to remove that one.

  • Andrew Porter

    Milk poured on the windshield dries nicely but does no harm. However, a soft drink, esp. a cola, will etch into the paint. There is one car which for years would have its alarm set off by garbage trucks or a good wind. I have not heard it for a year or so; perhaps they’ve moved away, or upgraded to another car.

    I witnessed one break-in; car had an alarm and ant-theft bar on the steering wheel. Person checked it out, came around corner with large bolt cutters, broke window, cut bar and drove car off in about 20 seconds. Very professional job, and the alarm did absolutely nothing to prevent this.