Busy Chef Unveils Website

bcopt.jpgBHB commenter/webhound “bosox” alerted us to the spankin’ new Busy Chef website. The site doesn’t tell us much about what the new establishment will offer, but it’s logo suggests that it’s more than a bakery. So does this passage:

At Busy Chef, we appreciate the difference natural, preservative-free food can make in our clients’ lives. Our goal is to sell the most superior food we possibly can. We evaluate the quality of each of our ingredients and strive to make them the best in taste and nutrition.
Whenever possible…Busy Chef uses fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats. We use Certified Angus Beef © products and hormone-free chicken.

Busy Chef promotes and maintains…

the healthiest nutritionals in the meal preparation business
completely original recipes elegant and professional entrée
appearance and presentationunparalleled flavor inventive sauces,
roux and gravies all made from scratch

…In our Customer Service

Busy Chef goes to extraordinary lengths to satisfy and delight our customers. You will feel welcomed and pampered at our store.
Our motto: “The customer is always right” …need we say more?
More options such as splitting at no extra charge.
Warm Mediterranean atmosphere. You will feel the difference when you walk in the door.

Dietary flexibility to fullfill most special needs such as vegetarian, and low-sodium requirements with advanced notice.
A fabulous staff trained in attending to each client’s needs and wishes.

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  • http://brooklynheightsblog.com Homer Fink

    Yes Arthur, it is. Now go fire Julius LaRosa.