Beats Workin’

Early morning, Orange Street I think

One of the many Clochards of Brooklyn Heights is captured in this Orange Street photo by BHB Photo Club member fkuffel.

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  • JaneDoe

    That is just around the corner from my house now owned by the hideous Brooklyn Law School. Litigious fascists who encourage their students to harass and terrorize the 5 or so senior citizens left in the building into moving. The super who is member of the watchtower society the former owners, closed down the garbage chute on every floor and his only function seems to be harassing with the law school’s consent, the senior citizens, especially the one of a non christian persuasian. Anyway, he has made throwing the garbage out so inconvenient that people in the building are using the garbage cans next door. Thanks to him garbage is now overflowing all over the street and Hicks St between Orange and Pineapple looks like a garbage dump. This picture looks like the garbage dump that 89 Hicks St has become, with dog feces all over the garbage.