Fake Bomber Busted!

Nabe photog Marc Hermann tipped us off to the fact that WNBC-TV is reporting that the Fake Bomber, who has robbed 4 banks in the Nabe and surrounding area in the last two weeks, has been arrested. And surprise (!) he might be a heroin addict.

WNBC.com: Suspect Bank Bomb Robber Busted: The FBI arrested a man on charges he robbed as many as four banks using a box he claimed had explosives inside. Law enforcement sources said Michael Contreni's latest heist happened Thursday at a Citibank branch on Court Street in Carroll Gardens. As a precaution, police called in a bomb squad. The box turned out to be harmless and was not an explosive device as the suspect allegedly claimed.Three other banks in downtown Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights were also robbed earlier this month, including two Chase Bank branches and a Commerce Bank branch. In addition to surveillance tapes, police said a tip into their Crime Stoppers hot line helped them find the suspect. The investigation was carried out by the FBI-NYPD joint bank robbery task force. Investigators said the suspect may be a heroin addict.

Note to WNBC.com's web "guru"… please get with the program and refer to Contreni as the "Fake Bomber". Thanks
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