“Mad Hatter” Grabs Headlines While MSM Ignores Heights Heister

The FBI is calling him "The Mad Hatter" because he's worn different hats at each of his 12 New Jersey bank robberies since September. Now, America's Most Wanted is on the case asking for the nation's help in apprehending this thug.

Meanwhile, on Montague Street the "Fake Bomber", as we've dubbed him, is not even a blip on the mainstream media's radar. "FB" hit his third Montague Street bank (in the last 12 days) yesterday. Only BHB newshound, nabe photog Marc Hermann and Metro NY seemed to notice.

Why is that? Have bank robberies become so ubiquitous that the MSM need a guy in goofy hats to make the heists newsworthy?

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  • M. Hermann

    The Heights was neglected today as the robbery du jour occurred at Citibank on Court St. & Carroll St. None of the usual empty-box tricks this time. Perp got away.