Corner of Cranberry Replaces Website with Fortune Cookie Message


Yup, there it is — the new CornerofCranberry website.  If we were normal and not the egocentric freaks that we are, we wouldn’t assume that this is directed at BHB. But we’re totally crackers and we’re convinced that the mysterious “partners” of CoC are taunting us. We think it’s cute in a kinda Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd Moonlighting way… except we promise not to make you listen to us sing.

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  • Tim N.

    No, not really.

  • Carrie

    No, I’m not curious at all. Please, please just go away, CoC.

  • Heights97

    Just die already. Join your soulmate, Mike’s Kosher Steakhouse, wherever bad restaurants go when they die.

  • Pete

    How is it that they have all this $ to throw away time and again on horrible restaurant ventures?

    Even if the food were halfway decent, nothing’s working at those spots until that scaffolding comes down which I think may outlast Ratner’s coming development.

  • Average Joe

    Cranberry Place has been purchased and closed. There has been construction going on there since last night, does anyone know what’s happening there?