The “Partners” Titillate Nabe

afcu.JPGThe mysterious “partners” who own and operate Corner of Cranberry have fired their first salvo in the rebirth of the location formerly known as Spanish themed restaurant Aficionada.

On Sunday, BHB spotted a small sign in the papered-up windows of the restaurant begging the question to passersby “curious, aren’t you?”

Well if your definition of curious is always asking yourself why movie studios are still giving Adam Sandler money to write or act in lousy movies, then the answer is a resounding “yes”.

Rumors have swirled about the new direction (remember how that worked out for Spinal Tap) of Aficionada, with the most recent buzz being that the new space will be a pizzeria.

And while tongues elsewhere in the city may wag over Rev. Al’s alleged Obama dis, we’re certain that the topic on the Promenade will be “what do the ‘partners’ have in store for us at Cranberry Corner?”

Well maybe we already know.

We checked out the now legendary Corner of Cranberry website and found that the new space will open in April and it will be a bakery called The Busy Chef:

Our goal is to provide you with luscious indulgences that lift your spirits and reward you for a good week’s work and a lot of self discipline! For that reason, we don’t scrimp on the good things: creamery butter, rich chocolate, fresh cream, unbleached flour, whole eggs, pure cane sugar, fresh fruit and nuts are our staples. We do not use preservatives or chemicals. Everything that comes out of our kitchen is made by hand by highly trained bakers.

Our bakery is also brimming with a divine selection of moist cakes, fresh pastries, dreamy cookies, flaky pies and exquisite muffins. All made with all-natural ingredients and for special diet needs you’ll find delicious choices low in fat, sugar and gluten-free.

Call us madcap, but this place might not suck.

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  • Claude Scales

    Madcap, schmadcap.

    This neighborhood has needed a good bakery since the place that used to occupy part of what is now Ann Taylor Loft closed. I hope these folks have skilled pastry chefs lined up, and can produce superior product at affordable prices.

    I won’t prejudge it based on the “Corner of Cranberry” connection. One of the best wines I ever tasted was made by Inglenook.

  • keever

    A bakery! Hooray!

  • BP

    I guess it’s a better idea than pizza, but does compete against both Cranberries (muffins, coffee-fare, etc) and Park Plaza (cookies, cakes). Park Plaza’s rainbow cookies really are the best ever, while the Corner of Cranberry website is gawd-awful.
    Remember that place in the now Loft location didn’t bake on premises.
    Still, gotta wish them luck because it’s just too damn depressing otherwise.
    Come to think of it, wouldn’t there also be some competition with Siggy’s?

  • yo

    i was hoping for a bank or real estate agency….

  • Veronica Vaughn

    I like Adam Sandler . . .

  • Mikey

    As of this afternoon, the windows at “Food Maestro”* are papered over.

    The saga continues… what will fail next?

    *The worst restaurant name ever? Discuss.

  • Kate

    I’m not sure what the name is of the French restaurant in the old video store, but those people seem to know what they’re doing….you gotta attract people with a good atmosphere first! Both failed restaurants (Maestro and the Spanish place) looked like glorified college cafeterias. The furniture was horrendous and the lighting??? And who wants to be qawked at while eating??

    The bakery could be great, but i sincerely hope they do bread!! There is no place to get a great loaf of bread.

    I hope it works, but if it is by the same “partners” i am not very confident.

  • averagejoe

    Turns out that aficianado is being renovated by new owners, and will open in April as Oven. I was told to keep an eye on the website which is