Food Maestro Done?

Food Maestro Done?BHB reader “Mikey” posted this earlier today:

As of this afternoon, the windows at “Food Maestro”* are papered over.

The saga continues… what will fail next?

*The worst restaurant name ever? Discuss.

Yes friends, it seems that the crown jewel of the Corner of Cranberry, Food Maestro, has gone to the big kitchen in the sky. Will the FM space be part of new neighbor The Busy Chef?

Photo: Homer Fink via BHB Photo Club on Flickr

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  • Claude Scales

    Worst name ever? Hmmm …

    I seem to remember going through a small town in Georgia that had a place on the main street called Sweat’s Restaurant. Then there are the unsubstantiated rumors of a fellow named Sal Monella opening an eponymous Italian trattoria.

    Come to think of it, Henry’s End isn’t that encouraging a name, either; proof, I guess, that quality product can overcome many obstacles. One might even say the same of Noodle Pudding or Jack the Horse.

    Food Maestro, though, does seem to qualify for some special award for lameness.

  • Brian

    The website is also gone.

  • BP

    No, it’s back with “Curious, aren’t you?”

    I’m curious how much fodder the next establishment will create for BHB. ;)

  • Top

    These restaurants were taken down for other reasons than their fare as well (pig n out bbq was pretty acceptable for what it was). When will that eyesore scaffolding come down….not only is it a visual blight, it manages to tank anyone viable restaurant options below.

  • bosox
  • Top

    Estimated time of failure: 3 months

  • BP

    Well, the website is already far better than cornerofcranberry (both with the creepy chef guy and the new “curious” page).

    Palmira’s tried to blame the scaffolding when they opened, too, but even after it came down, they struggled.

    The scaffolding in NYC is a fact of life.

    I recall when Food Maestro had (one of) their grand opening(s) right around Labor Day. The scaffolding didn’t keep anyone away. Of course, then they were closed for a few more weeks, opened for brunch one weekend, then closed for several more weeks. It’s as if they were trying to fail. We were willing to give it a try early on, but that was one of those weeks they were closed and then just never bothered to try going back.

    The Blue Pig is also under the scaffolding, and as far as I can tell, they’ve survived the winter (which must be hard for an ice cream joint).

  • Top

    Cant say I agree with you on this one. Palmira’s was not nearly as well located as the 60 Henry strip. Whether you’re going to the 2,3 or High Street – foot traffic is very strong.

    And you are right, scaffolding is a fact of life: for that building – its been up for about 2 years now. I’d rather call it neglect and mismanagement though.

    And other than the Blue Pig and the crap chinese place (which always looks like its on its last legs)- everything else has failed.

  • joe

    BP, They’re most definitely trying to fail. It’s a front with many different guises and just one corrupt owner. And until he’s out of the picture, they will continue to fail. So for now it’s still the cursed corner.

  • averagejoe

    The previous owner is gone…. Take your grudges and b.s. elsewehere please, and let these new businesses succeed!

  • joe

    You’ve missed the point. We do want a successful business here.

    Apparently you know what the rest of us don’t. You’re telling us that Busy Chef and Oven have a different owner than Food Maestro, and it’s likely to be a hit. Great!
    We’re all banking on your great knowledge and wish for the best.