Are Robbins and Sarandon Among Us?

05_09_Tim Robbins 2-jpg-asset_rgb.jpgBack in October, we learned that Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon had purchased 5 Doughty Street (map). Now comes word that a BHB tipster spotted Robbins checking out frozen yogurt at Peas and Pickles on Henry Street over the weekend.

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  • Jeff

    This brings up something I’ve always wondered about. How do you pronounce “Doughty”? Duff-tee as in enough, Doe-tee as in doughtnut or (my choice) based on the probable Dutch root douggghhh-tee as in Van Gogh with a gutteral sound.

  • Qfwfq

    it’s spelled “Doughty” but it’s pronounced “throatwarbler mangrove”.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Unless there’s a “Houston/Houston” thing going on, I believe “Doughty” is pronounced “DOW-tee”.

  • pbdotc

    doe tee

    which incidentally is the 1-7 interval used in ‘immigrant song’


  • tamara

    qfwfq is right: it’s “DOW-tee”—Dow as in Jones, rhyming with “how”—don’t know if it’s from a Dutch name, but it’s a perfectly good English adjective meaning brave and sturdy

  • Somaya

    THERE goes the neighborhood…this area has been a great family residential neighborhood and now these Marie-Antoinettes and their coterie of Champagne and Caviar Communists will run up prices. Screw Tim Robbins and his celebrity appearances at Peas and Pickles!

  • nazimova

    Somaya such ANGER!!! I got news for you.. before this became the family friendly so called “residential neighborhood” you describe it was a largely Gay, Artistic actor friendly place with affordable rents!! soooo as we said in 1980 “there goes the neighborhood” How does it feel?? it’s true what they say isn’t it “what goes around comes around…have a nice day

  • hildabooze

    Hey Nazimova, that must have been some long nap you were taking, you are responding to a post from 2007 !

  • nazimova

    Well Hildabooze what can I say? I still got some of that “good stuff” left(from 1980 of course)…