Riverside Residents Speak Out on Parking Plan

The NY Daily News continues the drama that is the Riverside Apartments Courtyard Parking Lot Plan with comments from residents.  The bottom line – not many own cars as many BHB commenters mentioned earlier this week:


NY Daily News: Tenants Hope Garage Gets Detoured: "Because of the lack of parking in the neighborhood, there would be a strong desire for some people to park their cars there," said William Ringler, 55, who has lived in the complex since 1979.

"Maybe as few as 20 or 30 people in the buildings actually have cars, which means that it's not a benefit for the tenants, which is a very strong point."

Jean Campbell, 59, who has lived in the complex since 1973, said, "Why should I be laying down my air and my good life so someone else can park their car here?

"I don't want anyone to park their car there. I think it's appalling that they think they can appropriate our residential space," Campbell added.

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