Open Thread Wednesday 3/26/08

march 24 - eve

Since everyone is commenting on individual stories regularly, we can use OTW for what we originally intended it to be: an open forum.  What would you like us to cover? Any issues you'd like the BHB Community to discuss? Comment away!

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  • sam

    where is Kustard King?

  • nabeguy

    Going back to the recent spate of credit card fraud that swept the area. I just had my fraud-claim with Citi rejected , as they said that the transaction was made at a Self-Service Terminal and they determined that I was in possession of the card at the time, therefore the charge is considered legal. They have yet to answer the question of how I could be in possession of the card in Brooklyn when the charge was made in Melbourne Florida (as if they’ve never heard of card cloning) so the fight goes on. Be aware that the banks are not simply accepting the claims of their customers anymore. If anybody knows a good angle on how to approach the banks on this, please speak up and let us all know.

  • Strap hanger

    Why haven’t the A/C and 2/3 Subway stations gone under platform renovation like all the other stations in nice neighborhoods?

    The stations here in north Heights are run down.

  • Beavis

    Yes, the “nice neighborhoods” should aways be prioritized over the not nice neighborhoods when dolling out public money! It’s our right and birth privledge!

    Come on!

  • Beavis

    Another McCain voter.

  • clarknt67

    Unless they’re spending the taxes on your neighborhood apparently.

  • nabeguy

    Well, based on the workmen that I’ve seen going in and out of the St George, coupled with the signs listing late night and weekend closings of the station, it appears that the Clark Steet stop might be undergoing a renovation of some sort. Now if they could only do something about the 70’s era clip-art ceramic murals in the lobby…