Eagle: Blogs are Gossipy

John Manbeck writes about finding information about Brooklyn online in the Brooklyn Eagle. We found this passage interesting:

Brooklyn Eagle: To me, most of the material I encountered in blogs has been gossipy and unreliable. While the Web sites are more substantial, information there must be further researched in, say, a book.

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  • anon

    From a reader of a blog on Brownstoner.com “I haven’t read a single article in the Brooklyn Eagle that at all indicates their writers are knowledgeable of economics, let alone the realities of real estate development and population demographics in Brooklyn.”

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    I believe most of the Eagle writers are in God’s Waiting Room and think this whole Arpanet thing will never catch on.

  • http://oyvey.com oy vey

    the article illustrates a shocking ignorance of the internets when it states:

    “The Gowanus Lounge has a blog with its slogan: “Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn.” “

  • Andrew Porter

    I think they’re waiting for the day when the Brooklyn Eagle will sweep the borough and resume its rightful place as the newspaper of record. Oh, and they expect the criminal courts building to be torn down and the former Brooklyn Eagle Building at the corner of Washington (now Cadman Plaza East) and Johnson Street to be re-erected in all its once glorious grandeur. Their own website is amazing for its irrelevance to what’s happening in Brownstone Brooklyn, concentrating on Courts news. Strangely dated….