265 Hicks Bargain or Fleabag?

Brownstoner riffs on the newly listed 265 Hick Street today:

59023-36135330.jpgBrownstoner: 265 Hicks Street: Hicks and Joralemon is a great location, that's for sure, but this four-story house at 265 Hicks is definitely sub-par for the neighborhood. The victim of a stoop castration and a not-so-hot re-bricking of the facade, the building was also divided into eight units at some point. The listing doesn't provide any interior photos, suggesting that there ain't much to show (a likely scenario given the subdivision in to multiple units.) The good news? The property will be delivered vacant. The listing for the corner lot also promotes the fact that approvals are already in place for a curb cut. That's sure to endear the new owner to the neighbors!

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  • statestreeter

    This is not newly listed. It sat on the market for a year at $4.5 million and was recently lowered to $4.15 million.

  • anon

    I vote “fleabag”

  • anon

    What is a curb cut?

  • David

    A curb cut is for a driveway. The owner or resident then has guaranteed parking, while the neighborhood loses an on-street parking spot.

    Personally, I’d like to see fewer cars hanging around on our streets. I live on the two-way block of Middagh Street where parking is restricted. The openness makes my block feel neighborly, safe, and expansive like a plaza.

  • nabeguy

    David, you’re a lucky man. That 2 way stretch of Middagh is actually an old hold-over from the days when you could drive all the way through to Columbia Heights, and it was heavily used as the last turn off of Columbia Heights to Hicks Street, hence the no-parking rule. That was back when the traffic on the hill was also two-way.

  • brooklyngirl

    Hey – does anybody know if 265 Hicks has sold as of yet? Who actually OWNS this property?

    I don’t know what the inside looks like, but it does have a beautiful garden space out back (on Joralemon Street) and it is a great location!

    I appreciate any information you can provide. Thanks!