New England Society Presents Poetry Evening

The New England Society in the City of Brooklyn (the name is a tipoff that this organization has been around for a while) held its sixth annual Poetry Evening this past Tuesday in the Founders' Room at Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims.  The theme of this year's event was "Music, Poetry's Muse."  The program was introduced by Helen Houghton, editor of The Music Lover's Poetry Anthology, and consisted of readings of poems, inspired by classical, jazz and pop music, by poet Susan Kinsolving (left above) and actor Jack Gilpin (center), concluding with a Puccini aria and two Sondheim songs by soprano Ann Hoyt (right).

The Society, founded in 1880, reflects the New England heritage of many of Brooklyn's early professional and commercial leaders.  Originally a social organization for men, it is now an association of Brooklyn women and men, mostly with some connection to, or affection for, New England, who enjoy the arts and history, and who raise funds to provide scholarships for students from Brooklyn to attend colleges or universities in New England.

Disclosure: your correspondent is a director and secretary of the Society.   

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