Blaze at Taze

photo by marc hermann

BHB tipsters and Gothamist newsmap report a fire overnight at 142 Montague Street, the location of Taze Restaurant and Aerosoles.

Anyone have info? 

Update: BHB contributor/nabe photog Marc Hermann checks in with an account of the incident and some photos:

FDNY received a call just after 3:00 a.m. reporting smoke on the upper floors of the building, which usually doesn't turn out to be much. Then a second call came in reporting residents trapped on the roof. Engine 224 and discovered a fire involving the door frame at street level, with a relatively heavy smoke condition throughout the rest of the building. The building was safely evacuated, though two residents were treated for smoke inhalation, and the fire was knocked down quickly. The stairwell, however, took a lot of water damage due to the sprinkler system which could not be immediately shut off. The fire was classified as "suspicious," with no immediate cause known.

photo by marc hermann

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  • Claude Scales

    I just walked by there, and both Aerosoles and Taze are open and doing business. There’s no visible damage or any evidence of fire.

  • montague

    We live at 146 at were woken around 3:30am from the smell of smoke. There were about 5 fire trucks that we could see from our window. They were in and out pretty quickly. It seems to have just affected the stairwell of the building as it’s blackened and charred. The extreme speed and professionalism shown by the fire fighters was an etremely welcome comfort.

  • pbdotc

    great, an arsonist. i already miss the mad bomber.