Person Killed in Apparent Train Leap

A short while ago, a person was pronounced dead after he was struck by a Manhattan-bound train at the Borough Hall station on the Lexington Avenue line. Witnesses are stating that the unidentified man appeared to have intentionally jumped in front of the train.

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  • alex


  • anon

    Did Bernie Madoff escape? Would’ve made a great headline: The Wheels of Justice Grind Slowly.

  • Laurie

    I witnessed it personally. Was a very surreal moment.

  • Nancy

    I was there too and I agree, it was surreal. not really a comedic moment

  • anon

    One can’t help but think these times might have contributed.

  • Ewan

    I don’t believe that person who died would intentionally jumped infront of the train, probably he was too close to the train and the force created around the sides of the train just suck him in.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Ewan, that “theory” was busted on Mythbusters a long time ago.

    That would happen, oh, several hundred times a day if it were possible.

    No one ever puts a shotgun in their mouth and pulls the trigger, either. They stand too close to the gun and it just shoots them. Because that’s what guns do, kill people.

  • laurie

    Sorry, Ewan, but I was there – and it was a pretty distinct jump. The man was not sucked into some vortex. He jumped on his own accord. Why he jumped we will probably never know, but it was a deliberate suicide attempt (a successful one, at that), plain and simple.

  • alo

    God bless his soul.

  • http://none joe

    Was the unidentified person standing with his back to the train and talking?

    Was he by himself and upset?

    What time of day did this happen?

    Maybe he needed some help, did anyone try to help him?

  • Ethan

    I read somewhere that the average train conductor “kills” something like 11 people over the course of their profession. I know at some point we’ve all been depressed and its painful to imagine someone feeling that bad that see no other option. Its awful.

  • Vanessa

    I actually know this person.. and its sad that he had to go and do this. The police came to the house with his identification. and many of us thought that he was pushed. But the cops ruled out our theory with a suicide note.

    We all saddened by it. I can’t believe that anything could of been that bad, that he had to end his life and put his family through that anguish.

  • http://hotmail Kay

    Sad, how could he have done such. I knew this person well he could never have been in his right mind, something terrible must have happen for him to do such. My condolences and prayers goes out to his family may his soul rest in peace.

  • Meeelee

    Was it a male about 25 years old???? At what time was this?

  • Yvonne

    I am really really saddened by this traumatic incident. This is somebody I know very well, we all grew up together, and he is from a christian home. From what I know of him he would never on his own accord do something so crazy. There are forces of evil all round us and this brother was driven by some evil force to commit this gruesome act. My prayers are with the family.

  • NB

    Yesterday, Today and forever, I am sad
    Heaven knows that I am so mad
    How could my familia check out this way?
    Like so many who knew him I wish I could say
    You helped me so much with your kind words and deeds
    Let me help you through this and fulfill all your needs
    I’d offer a hug, a tug or a stare
    I’d say something just to quell his fear
    Life is so precious and I hope you found peace
    Because I know that my love for you will ne’r cease

  • http://brooklynheightsblog.Ithinkthispersonismycousinandhewasagreatperson.allwhoknewhimwouldagreewithme.hewasraisedquitewell.Mayhissoulfindpeace.wearestilltryingtofindoutwhathappened. andrea

    may god be with him. he was a close cousin of mine and he was a wonderful person and was liked by all who knew him. we are still trying to figure out what happened. may his soul find peace and may god give us, his family, strength at this time.

  • http://none Sandra

    Our prayers are with the family at this time of sorrow. He is not far from our thoughts but close to all our hearts. May his soul find eternal rest.

  • To my cousin

    I will love you eternally.
    Remember what I told you the last time we spoke.

  • babbett

    Laurie, You are wrong- To know him is to love him- This person would nevvvvvvvvvvvver do such a horrible thing- I bet he had a masive Mental breakdown or an Aneurysm.

  • chris

    im going to miss you partner, its not going to be the same. I love you man RIP.

  • family

    still in our hearts