Fish ‘n’ Chip Paper 5/18/09

Here are some of last week’s headlines you may have missed:

fncOnly on BHB

Willowtown Fair Draws Local Dignitaries

Scaffolding Finally Gone from 65 Montague

Parking permit proposal on table

New sidewalks in the Heights

Park Progress: Pier 1 (Eleventh Report)

The story with use of Cadman Park

CB2 full board meeting recap!

Roebling Descendant Lends Voice to Dock Street Opposition

And in other news…

B’Paper: Levin Promises to Attend His First 33rd District Debate

Knitted cozies up on Montague Street

Aniston’s Baster Begins in Brooklyn Heights

Recap of BQE triple cantilever meeting

Brooklyn Heights Players Slain by Brooklyn Paper

Squibb Skate Park?

From Cobble Hill Blog:

Maine Crustaceans Invade Red Hook! (Get ‘em Before They’re Gone)

Chocolate & absinthe… mmm

One Year Ago on BHB

Brooklyn Bridge Fireworks – Super Fantastic!

LPC: No Parking Lot for You, Riverside Apartments

Two Years Ago on BHB

Blue Pig Opening In Manhattan

BHA House Tour 2007

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  • Jeff Strabone

    Yesterday’s news is tomorrow’s fish ‘n’ chip paper.