CB2 full board meeting recap!


It was a packed house last night at Community Board 2’s monthly meeting — but, if you weren’t there, here’s a round-up of what’s happening in the neighborhood:

Downtown Brooklyn Calming Project: As we posted earlier this week, the city Department of Transportation is in the early stages of its 18-month, $4.5-million project to create more pedestrian-friendly sidewalks. Workers are out this week and next throughout Henry and Smith streets, expanding sidewalks and building more wheelchair-accessible curbcuts.

Transit circulation study: On May 21, the DOT will hold two focus groups for Brooklyn Heights residents and business owners to discuss issues and concerns affecting the neighborhood. The residential focus group will be from 4-6 pm, and the business group will be at 9 am. To participate, call Rob Perris in the CB2 office at (718) 596-5410.

Summer Youth Employment Program: The deadline to apply to this city-funded program is on Friday, May 22, and there’s more money in it this year because of the federal stimulus plan. The program provides youths between 14 and 24 years old with entry-level summer jobs at a variety of government agencies, hospitals, small businesses, law firms, and other organizations. There is also an application for employers looking to hire the students, as well as more information in general, on the program’s Web site.

E-waste recycling event: On Saturday, May 16 and Sunday, May 17, you can bring your unwanted electronics to the Unitarian Church on Pierrepont Street, between Clinton Street and Monroe Place, to be recycled. On Saturday, the hours are 10 am to 4 pm, and on Sunday from noon to 2 pm.

New Greenmarket products: The DUMBO Greenmarket will have a Greek yogurt maker and artisinal bread baker this summer. The market is held at the entrance to Brooklyn Bridge Park at Main Street, on Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm, starting on June 7.

MTA bus news: Starting June 1, the B25 bus will no longer travel its route through DUMBO to Front, Main, Water and Furman streets because of the street reconstruction project there.

Brooklyn Public Library: the libraries are in big trouble, says the Cadman Plaza branch manager Uldis Skrodelis. Already, a proposed $17.5 million will be cut from the library’s $100-million budget, and the branches will only be open for five hours during the week in the afternoons. What can you do? Skrodelis said to call City Councilman Yassky’s office and encourage the council to save the libraries before passing the June 1 city budget, or call 311.

Digital TV conversion: If anyone still needs to convert his or her television to a digital box, coupons are available at dtv2009.gov.

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  • Publius

    Did CB2 discuss why they never asked Two Trees to put promises of affordable housing and a middle school shell at Dock St DUMBO in writing before the CB greenlighted the project during their phase of the ULRUP process?

    CB5 had the good sense to do that with Toll Brothers’s zoning request only to see the developer balk when asked to put it all in writing.


  • the accountant

    There is $43M in the budget for the Dock Street middle school. The city doesn’t tie up that kind of money on a bluff.

  • nabeguy

    accountant…Joe Sitt>Albee Square Center. Still think the city is ahead of the curve in outsmarting developers? Given the hundreds of thousands of lobbying dollars that Two Trees has spent on their efforts to get a zoning variance to construct a controversial building, I think we’re way beyond the bluffing stage. It’s a question of holding TT’s feet to the fire in committing their promises to ink. Without that written agreement, what vehicle is in place to prevent TT’s from withdrawing their offer after they’ve gotten their way by claiming that the plan is economically inviable? Would Walentas actually do that? That’s anybody’s guess, but why not get the commitments down on paper? The fact is, even if he withdraws his offer, the city still will have the $43 mil you mention; they’ll just have to figure out how to re-direct it.

  • Andrew Porter

    The Library cuts are going to hurt big time. Lots of idle hands and idle minds on the streets during the day, who would ordinarily be in the libraries, on computers, doing homework, or even…reading!

  • the accountant

    nabeguy, I cannot think of a single promise that TT made in DUMBO, or for the “Court House” or Independence Savings Bank projects that were broken (e.g.: the YMCA).

    Also, as Publius points out, CB6 (not five) asked but didn’t get a written commitment.

  • Brooklyn Guy

    Does anyone know if the B-25 will be running at all after June 1?

  • Andrew Porter

    I believe the B-24, the B-25 and the B-29 were phased out at the end of WW2. The B-52 is the only heavy bomber still running. That *is* what you were talking about, BG, wasn’t it?