Roebling Descendant Lends Voice to Dock Street Opposition

dumbo-nhood-allAccording to information received from the DUMBO Neighborhood Alliance, Kristian Roebling, a Brooklyn resident and descendant of John Roebling, designer of the Brooklyn Bridge, and of Washington and Emily Roebling, who supervised the Bridge’s construction, has joined historian David McCullogh and others in opposing Two Trees Development’s proposed Dock Street project, which would place a seventeen story building adjacent to the north side of the Bridge’s Brooklyn ramp. DNA’s press release quotes Roebling:

The Brooklyn Bridge needs to be treated with the same respect [as the Statue of Liberty]. As a long time Brooklyn resident, and as a descendant of the original designer and builder of the Bridge, I’m very disappointed that the City Council and the Mayor would even entertain this proposal. I hope every New Yorker lets their opposition to this travesty be known in the next few days and weeks by emailing, writing or calling both City Council head Christine Quinn and the Mayor.

The Dock Street project, which has been approved with modification by the City Planning Commission, is on the City Council’s agenda tomorrow.

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  • Publius

    Looks like this Roebling scion wouldn’t be down with the “Emily Roebling Middle School for Enviormental Sciences” concept with the project as currently configured to diminish his relative’s masterwork.

    Last chance folks to write to your City Councilman to oppose Dock St. DUMBO.

  • No2Walentas2Trees

    ahh too bad for Da, his dream is scorned!

  • Publius

    Reality bites.

  • nabeguy

    I hope that both sides in this debate will be as graceful in defeat as the Brooklyn Bridge itself. This has been a great exercise in democracy, and I thank Homer and the BHB crew for allowing us the forum to get our voices heard, regardless of how vociferous and cantankerous they may have been. Da, Carlo, as neighbors, I think that we should move past our differences on this particular issue and look forward to knocking heads over other issues that pertain to BH. Da, how about a game of HORSE when they reopen Squibb Park?

  • davoyager

    Gee guys, I’ve never been a lighting rod before. Don’t you have anything better to talk about besides me? Autographs $5 at the door.
    This mans opposition to building near the bridge is longstanding and well known as all of you know. This is not news. He is entitled to his opinion and we thank him for his stewardship of his grand ancestor’s accomplishments.

    Squibb park just needs a dusting off for use by local schools and seniors like us. Let Parks spend it’s big bucks in the near term in building Brooklyn Bridge Park. Come back to Squibb after the extension is built and we don’t need it anymore for the school.

  • epc

    I’ve updated my Google Earth model of the Dock Street project, it is available at