Brooklyn Bridge Historian: Dock Street DUMBO is Stupid

Brooklyn Bridge historian David McCullough’s opposition to Two Trees’ Dock Street DUMBO has been well documented recently. Now, there’s an NY Times video that further helps him make his point. His solution? The same as BHB Publisher Homer Fink has suggested in January– make the land into a park. [Watch the video]

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  • Publius

    Excellent suggestion. We’ve got to take this national, to save our National Monument from the forces of mammon.

    Glad the NYT continues to come down fairly on this issue, unlike the pathetic editorial boards of the Brooklyn dead tree editions who have had material business realtionships with the developer.

  • strozzi

    Bravo, David McCullough.He changes the paradigm by educating the national audience about the significance of the site as the escape route of the Continental Army, and thus the salvation of the American cause, an issue of wider symbolism than the Great Bridge itself. Hopefully, once educated, there is no going ahead with the Walentas desecration. And it would have been better if the NYT had named the developers and their political supporters.

  • davoyager

    The people who built this bridge were joyously rushing headlong into the future. I know they would be saddened by this cynical use of their accomplishment to obstruct meaningful, purposeful change.

  • Carlo Trigiani

    A couple of points, we live in a city, not a national park. The commerce of New York built and funds the national park that is Washington, DC.

    The proposed building is 2/3 the height of the bridge. And probably a couple of city blocks from the Brooklyn tower.

    McCullough should refrain from using bloated facts and opposition renderings while making his case. Has he sat down with Walentas and studied the plans?

    Let’s not forget, he’s a businessman just like Walentas. He sells books and free PR helps.

    Knock off a floor or two, it ain’t that bad.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Sure, make it shorter, but the genius that is Marty Markowitz said to make it _taller_.

  • fezziwig

    Doesn’t McCullough live in Maine? Don’t you think people in Maine think everything about New York is too big and stupid?
    Are we know depending on rustics from the suburbs of Halifax to enlighten us on urban issues? Brooklyn to McCullough: Fughedabodit!

  • Publius

    Brooklyn to Fezziwig: Get a clue.

  • nabeguy

    Carlo, what, no mention of the much-needed middle school? At least that was an argument that, as a fellow parent, I could respect, even if I didn’t agree with you. But now you simply sound like the Senor Wencas of Two Trees. To accuse McCullough of trying to interject himself into this debate as a PR scheme to advance book sales is absurd. Given the hundreds of thousands that Two Trees has spent in lobbying money, even if your accusation had some merit, I personally consider McCullough’s opinions as a way to level the playing field. But I guess you’d know more about that kind of sport, as you seem to be head cheerleader of the Walentas team.

  • fulton ferry res

    Saw Papa Walentas and Jane walking with friends near the Flea in DUMBO yesterday afternoon. Papa points down Washington Street towards the river and says to friends, “We own this whole street.” ‘Nuff said.

  • Carlo Trigiani

    Dear Nabeguy.

    Of course the middle school is the most important component to the proposed plan – sorry I didn’t mention it.

    We’re all gray Phil. You, me, McCullough and Walentas. We all have good qualities and things we need to improve. Think about it. Why don’t you sit down with Walentas? Ask your questions. You might learn something.

    I hope the school gets built and your daughter gets a seat. Maybe then you’ll support it.

  • Publius

    McCullough takes it national:

  • No One Of Consequence

    Good, obviously biased, article.

    Now please bring on the pro-Dock St. rhetoric… “I want a convenient middle school for my kids, where they will attend for four years.”

  • In the Heights

    Actually NOOC – Its 3 years of Middle School grades 6, 7, & 8.

  • No One Of Consequence

    I was being generous. :)

  • nabeguy

    Carlo, I respect your Thich Nhat Hanh-like approach to this debate but it’s clear that we worship at different temples. I’ll meet you at the park and you can give me Jed’s number.