Planning Commision Makes Dock Street DUMBO a Wee Bit Smaller

The Brooklyn Paper reports on the City Planning Commission’s OK (with a catch)  of  Two Trees’ controversial Dock Street DUMBO project:

Brooklyn Paper: The City Planning Commission voted overwhelmingly to support a controversial tower next to the Brooklyn Bridge — though the building’s 18-story wing will be shaved by one story.

In addition, Jed Walentas’s Dock Street 325-unit proposal — which features a “green” design, plus 65 below-market-rate rentals and a public middle school — would lose two to three stories from the part its 10-story wing closest to the bridge.

BHB got a copy of Commissioner Amanda Burden’s full comments today, in a pdf file.

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  • Publius

    Another sad day for preservation in this City. Telling that the chair of the committee, an actual nabe resident, voted against it.

    If this passes in the City Council, we then start “Jed’s Middle School Reneg Watch”, sponsored by the League Treatment Center.

    The 4 floors in total trimmed by the CPC give Two Trees a great excuse now for claiming that the “numbers just don’t work anymore” for the school or the “market rate apartments.”

  • bklyn20

    This reminds me of the recent CB6/Gowanus situation. CB6 told Toll Brothers they wanted a commitment to affordable housing in writing, and in legally binding language, before they would vote/approve the proposed Gowanus project. Surprise!! Toll Bros wouldn’t put it in legally binding language…

    And will there be illegal cabanas atop only the market-rate apartments, or will all have access and ability to block bridge views where a school was promised?

    Maybe we can hope for a middle school on Columbia Heights or DUMBO
    when the Witnesses move upstate. If we don’t get more middle school space (in successful schools) in District 13, maybe a lot of other people will be moving upstate. Very unfortunate.

  • save the bridge

    I heard something about saving the brooklyn bridge in relation to this project. will it have some effect on the structure of the bridge? I am confused.

  • fulton ferry res

    Publius, you are referring to the former chair of CB2, Shirley McRae, correct? The CPC chair, Amanda Burden, of course voted in favor.

  • Publius

    FFR: Yes, I was refering to Shirley. Thanks for the catch.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Took a drive across the Bridge this morning and came to realize that the new (luxury rental?) building that is going up on the Manhattan side will completely obscure views of the Woolworth Building from portions of the bridge by the end of Summer (if not sooner).

    Don’t know if anyone tried to fight that or not. If so they obviously lost out to special interests.

    Let’s not let that happen on our side.

  • fulton ferry res

    That building is Frank Gehry’s 76 story luxury tower, and it got passed by CB1 because it will have a K-8 school at the base. Sound familiar?

  • epc

    Of course, due to the prevailing economic conditions, the builders are now considering only building 38 stories, throwing the future of the school into question.

    See also:

  • Nabe mom

    I read those links and they said nothing about the school being in jeopardy. In fact, they said construction is going forward on that. I think the city should tear down all “ugly” buildings that block the view of any other buildings, as determined by residents of Dumbo.