Knitted cozies up on Montague Street

(BHB/Sarah Portlock)

(BHB/Sarah Portlock)

This morning and yesterday evening, knitters covered 69 parking meters along Montague Street with knitted cozies as part of a public art project commissioned by the Montague Street Business Improvement District. Artist and organizer Magda Sayeg (above, far left), the founder of Knitta Please, put the finishing touches on the 69th pole this morning, and unveiled it at a ceremony with the BID’s director Chelsea Mauldin and board president Tim King.

The poles will be decorated through mid-June, and Mauldin said she will soon post a walking tour of each pole on the BID’s Web site. For more information, here are the project’s two press releases: [pdf] [pdf]

Nearly 50 volunteer knitters created the poles — a move that moved Sayeg almost to tears, she said this morning. “I was prepared to knit all 69 meters,” she said, laughing. “But I’m thrilled that so many people in the community came out [to make the cozies].”

Check out nguyen le’s Flickr photo stream of the cozies.

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  • Pierrepont

    Hope they’re knitted from a dog-urine-resistant fabric. If not, I bet they’ll be long gone by mid-June.

  • alex

    No thanks.

  • bornhere

    Precisely my thought. There is something “creative,” I guess, about the concept; but a ground-level meter cozy will be subjected to animals, oozing garbage bags, summer sun, and all manner of flotsam (and a touch of jetsam) in no time.

  • Matt


  • ABC

    I love Knitta Please and I can’t believe they came to tag Brooklyn Heights!!! Something so cool — here!

    (and I am so not surprised they’re being greeted here by a shrug. ugh. what is wrong with this neighborhood?)

  • Publius

    I like it!

  • bornhere

    ABC – I think the idea is sort of neat, but maybe the cozies could have been placed on less “accessible” verticals — like, maybe, wrought iron balusters on so many of the buildings along the street.

  • Eddie The Eagle

    nothing can cover up the fact that Montague Street still sucks — except putting cozies around all the storefronts.

  • ABC

    Accessible is what it’s all about! It’s less accessible then when they tagged the subway poles!

    I first saw Knitta’s work in Paris, around meters just like this. Frickin’ cool…

  • David

    An idea such as this runs parallel with earwax sculpting. I prefer the latter . . .

  • Bob

    Well, compared with the waterfalls and the pedestrian mall…….hmmmm.
    OK, got it: this one is free !

  • http://anon anon

    I thought they were beautiful and it was a brilliant idea. I haven’t seen any other nabes working so hard to make their neighborhood a little more interesting.

    Kudos to all involved.

  • val

    My daughter and I think they’re cute.

  • Andrew Porter

    I need a cover for my computer…

  • jim

    they look GREAT !!! !!!